Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Remember Me?

Sorry for the dearth of posts.
I write all day at work, and coming home to a hot computer and writing more words isn't always the most appealing prospect.
I sure am happy, though.
My job is a dream, my boss is smart and gorgeous and I have a sixth floor office with a view.
And best of all, in a few short weeks the elections will come and the evil majority will be relegated to the simpering minority in both houses.
How thrilling is the prospect of that cocksucker Bush having to deal with a House and Senate who'll finally be able to brazenly tell him to piss off every time he wants something?
Incoming Senate Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi's going to set the tone, and the once-timid, whimpering Democrats will be emboldened by her fight back attitude.
In a last ditch effort, the Rove Crowd is trying to define Pelosi as "a San Francisco (aka queer) Liberal."
The queer baiting bit is played.
Liberal is no longer a bad word after six years of tolerating these neo-con fake Christian "compassionate conservative" criminals.
Our time is coming back.


Lulu Maude said...

God, I hope you're right. Last night my spouse was listening to a show in which people who had lost loved ones in Iraq STILL didn't know how they were going to vote--this in Burlington, VT.

I remain stupified, pessimistic.

Karen Zipdrive said...

The stupification I can understand but the time for pessimism has nearly passed.
The only group not foreseeing a change in leadership are the neo-con artists- and denial is part of their fiber.
You know things are bad when people like that fat, drug-addled fuck Rush Limbaugh starts going after Michael Fox and claiming he was exaggerating his Parkinson's synptoms for political reasons.
They are desperate.
They should be.

Holly in Cincinnati said...

Liberal never was a bad word - I'm proud to be one. Please avoid using "neo-con" as it insults me.

Unknown said...

The fatfuck known as Rush should be drawn and quartered. His lack of class is exceeded only by his lack of intelligence.