Monday, November 16, 2009

Why, Oh Why?

There is literally no channel on TV that isn't talking incessantly about this white trash liar and her book full of trailer park yammering.
Her remarks about her teen daughter getting knocked up are the worst. She acts as if the media got her pregnant, and that the topic should have been totally off limits.
What is with these rightwing, faux Christian broads?
If they are so obsessed with privacy, why do they stick their faces in any camera lens they see?
Do Americans truly believe that women like Sarah Palin and disgraced beauty queen Carrie Prejean have strong moral values?
Do they believe Palin has a right to be indignant about adverse publicity when she's made herself such a huge target?
Has anyone compared and contrasted her grandbaby daddy Levi Johnston's statements versus hers? He sounds steady and resolute. She sounds shrill and panicky.
It matters not to Palin that her book has proven to be filled with lies and exaggeration. She doesn't believe in the Associated Press or its fact checkers; they are just an inconvenience to her delusional personality.
What kills me is the small percentage of Americans who buy her crap.
Are they really so ignorant they can't see the hypocrisy?
Are they too stupid to get that her "family values" don't include paying enough attention to her teen daughter to see she didn't get knocked up at age 16?
Do they think it's a Christian thing to do when she ran back to Wasilla with luggage stuffed with clothing that didn't belong to her?
Do people think it's politically wise to trash the campaign staff of the man who dragged her out of obscurity and into the national spotlight?
Here's the thing.
The conservative Republicans refuse to fund education because they prefer their base stay ignorant and afraid. They cultivate an electorate filled with dimwits because it's easier to lie to them and feed them bullshit about Jesus, the American flag, guns and war.
Unless one is a very wealthy person who loves the tax breaks and other big business perks the GOP loves to hand out, then one is just plain ignorant to belong to that party.
Sarah Palin is the worst of the worst kind of politician.
She's ignorant, deceitful, arrogant, ineducable, delusional and conceited.
And anyone who buys her piece of shit book is an unabashed idiot.


Distributorcap said...

i can tget beyond the picture LOL -- i cannot stop laughing

gayle king was going on and on about how charming she is

charming as charmin filled with todd's latest dump

Karen Zipdrive said...

Gayle was probably just trying to make Oprah jealous.

nonnie9999 said...

what really pisses me off are women like oprah and baba wawa giving this bitch any credibility whatsoever. they allow her to lie over and over again, and they never call her on it. they're more concerned about their fucking ratings than getting the truth out about his moron. oprah will use the excuse that she's not a journalist. however, she sure got pissy when an author lied to her. i guess it's okay if people lie on her show when she needs a boost in the ratings. on the other hand, what excuse does baba wawa have? she's still calls herself a journalist, doesn't she?

Fran said...

I don;t know what the hell oprah was thinking, but Walters, in her way actually brought out the idiot.... asking Palin what of the Israeli situation, Palin says Israel should be building on the Palestinian west bank.
WHOAH!!!! Palin tied the knot in her own noose there. I think she also looked like an idiot when she said she had no idea her daughter was sexually active. Hell they had all the time in the world to do it in each of the 26 rooms in the Governor's mansion while Momma was on the campaign trail & papa was doing the drill baby drill routine.

Why Palin get free advertising of her book is beyond me. She is an idiot.
If she runs for Pres in 2012, we are all going to have to register as rethuglicans to make sure she never gets past the primary election.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Fran, are you kidding? I'd LOVE for Palin to be the Repukelican nominee for 2012.
Hell, Jimmy Carter -or- Michael Dukakis could kick her ass. Even John Kerry could win by a landslide with that bitch on the other side.

Anonymous said...

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Hoo Boy.

Anonymous said...

He just means Sarah Palin is definitely retarded.