Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Blog Scraps

Sorry for the long gaps in Blogging, my friends. Sometimes life, not to mention video poker, has a way of interfering with my Blog time.
There are so many snippets in the news that beg for my unsolicited opinion, so I may as well get started.

Ha. Those crackers in Georgia don't mess around. The Grand Old Jury in the county runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks ran away from have decided to indict the hell out of her for wasting police time and money. She'll have to face the music once she gets out of the psych facility. Her fiance, who initially vowed his continued aim to marry her, has been suspiciously silent ever since. Perhaps he was bitten by the common sense bug.

Watching Vily Fualaau recite the very lovely marriage vows he wrote himself convinced me that he and his bride Mary Kay Letourneau are at about the same level of emotional maturity. I think the kid's an old soul and I think the bride is on her first go-around in life. I don't condemn them for getting married at all. I think they proved to the world that whatever they have has some staying power. Mazel Tov, you crazy kids.

The Bushian wingnut branch of the Senate Repugnicans has vowed revenge against moderate GOP party members who decided to stick with the Senate's 200-year-old filibuster tradition and not allow the fanatics on the right to ramrod Bush's right-wing activist judicial nominees down America's throats without benefit of lengthy Senatorial debate.
Bush has been whining about "activist judges who want to legislate from the bench," when it's not their activism he dislikes, it's their leftist (and even moderate) activism. He has nominated some conservative doozies like Texas jurist Priscilla Owen, whose Texas Supreme Court record reflects her total obedience to big business and indifference toward tax paying consumers.
Targeted for the wingnuts' vitriol are GOP radical liberals like John McCain and Bill Frist.
Man, I have had it with these tightass clowns who hide behind Jesus, publicly rant about revenge and think they have some divine right to demand unwavering party loyalty to their ideals of radical, fundamentalist zealotry.
They are going to end up forcing old school Republicans- you remember, the kind who like fiscal responsibility and less government, into forming another party.
And the Jesus I've read about might end up smiting those vengeful old crackers for being such God damned phonies. Unless companies like Enron and Halliburton are considered branches of the Christian church, it ain't their religion these creeps worship.
A word to John McCain: how many times will you let the rabid faction of your party stick it up your ass before you admit you kinda like it? You'd have to, considering...
And to Bill Frist- aren't they obnoxious when they turn on their own? Wise up, stupid.

Survivor's Rob and Ambah recently got married on TV. I skipped watching it. I'm gonna hold out for the televised special that'll feature Ambah giving birth to their upcoming twins, Procter and Gambol. Yeecch. Enough already.

Queer As Folk is back on Showtime for its final season. Gee, I've missed watching Brian sodomize his little bar buddies. It's sort of a refreshing change of pace from seeing more nauseating sex scene footage of The L Word's Tina and her big gorilla nipples and enormous, pregnant belly.

Michael Jackson's pedophilia trial is winding down. On E! channel's daily reenactment of the trial, I was amused to learn that comedian Jimmy Kimmel put on a fake chin and a gray wig and played the part of Jay Leno.
Having watched a lot of Court TV's coverage of the trial, I am convinced that Michael Jackson has had his hand in more little boy's shorts than a pediatrician at Boy's Town.
My gloomy prediction is a conviction, followed by Jackson pulling a drug overdose/suicide attempt during the appeals process. I can't see the King of Pop becoming the Queen of Pelican Bay.

That stupid Laura Bush. Getting heckled during her visit to the Middle East was a foregone conclusion. She's lucky they didn't fire bomb her ass.
For the Bushinistas to think they can globetrot her around on diplomacy missions as if she's Hillary Clinton herself shows how desperate they must be.
Maybe she told the crowds about how cute Dubya was, back when he decided to be a rancher and tried to milk a stallion.
I have nothing against bland librarian church ladies from Muffin, Texas, as long as they stick to making Jell-O molds for Methodist potlucks and stay the fuck out of international diplomacy missions. It's embarrassing for the Bush family to represent America overseas, and we're lucky the Arabs didn't catch Laura hot-boxing a Newport behind a minaret.
I guess their next move will be to send the twins over to show Arab chicks how to do tequila body shots without spilling any on their burqas.
Oh well, this is what happens when we allow oil field trash with money to steal elections.
Meanwhile, in the Texas legislature recently, gay marriage was struck down and a law forbidding naughty cheerleading moves was enacted.
That's why I live in Texas. It's too funny to leave.

On a personal note, my kitten Nick is a definite alpha cat. He's already conquered my three-year-old cat James and made him his giant bitch. He's now trying to outlast me and do the same. In all my life, I have never seen a more oppositional baby, but at least he's learned some cute moves in the process. He gets up on my desk and I yell, "Nick-DOWN!" So he lays down on the desk, the clever little bastard.

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