Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Uh Oh, It's the Pucker Face

I've been waiting to see this facial expression. The pucker face represents the last gasps of anyone's political career, and here's Mitt's version.
Classy, huh? Now let's take a little walk down Pucker Memory Lane:
And for desert, please feast your eyes on this article, about how Mitts made millions by investing in Chinese companies he was outsourcing American jobs to. It's kind of like hiring a hitman to kill your wife, then after she's dead, stealing the money you paid the hitman right out of his pocket. Stay classy, Mitts. http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2012/07/bain-capital-mitt-romney-outsourcing-china-global-tech


Matthew Hubbard said...

But, but... Mitt didn't do anything WRONG! At least, not with his penis.

As far as we know.

As of 1:30 PT on 9/18.

Stay tuned.

KarenZipdrive said...

The pucker face is common to sexual cheaters, but crooks like Jack Abramhoff had a pucker face pic online, too.
I think to applies to screwing people OVER as well as just screwing them.

Peteykins said...

Ha ha! Frowny sucked-in lips face! For the win!

Distributorcap said...

sour puss sour face
sour ass

what fun it must be to kiss the other sour bitch - Ann

KarenZipdrive said...

Hey Ann did her job and popped out five male heirs. Now she just has to sit there looking pretty and await her campaign marching orders from her master Herr Romney.

nonnie9999 said...

is mittsie wearing the pucker, or is the pucker wearing mittsie?

p.s. hey zippy, how you be?

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