Monday, December 15, 2003

Swirling Survivor Reflections

That was by far the best Survivor series ever.
Finally, a winner whose strategy was to vote with the pack yet still be her own woman and say what she felt.
Besides playing the game with some amusing treachery, Sandra's well-placed use of the phrase "mothafucka" pleased the bitch in all of us.
She deserved the million bucks, and she cleans up pretty nice to boot.
A few interesting things I observed...
The subconscious group strategy, where everyone insisted to Lil that she'd be the hardest contestant to stand beside at the final vote, was brilliant. How anyone would think she'd win the popular vote was ludicrous, but Lil bought it and it lulled her into making some bad decisions.
Her most respectable decision was to risk losing rather than let Jon win the second place $100,000 prize. Her observation that his slacker lifestyle wasn't as deserving as Sandra's showed some common sense.
Lil's meandering self promo speeches during the jury's final vote sealed her fate. If she'd mentioned the Boy Scouts one more time, I would have had a stroke.
For Jon to crow about being the last man standing was typical of him. He apparently didn't notice the correlation between that and him being perceived by the women as the weakest, least threatening male left. The guy's ego and bravado hide a tiny little man who has a lot to learn.
Rupert may not have won the money, but the emotional salute to him in the reunion special will give him all the confidence he needs to serve as a role model to fat little bullied boys everywhere who grew into big, brave men. The video scrapbook of his adventures was priceless, hilarious and made me all verklemft. He left that show an evolved man we can all take a few lessons from.
I still don't think the male Alpha dogs of this series were the least bit humbled or enlightened by being whipped by a dithering, menopausal old crone and a cagey Latina chick. None of them seemed to get that their self-perceived superiority prevents them from truly being superior.
Lil was wise to realize her scouting shtick was a stupid move. Besides, the Boy Scouts are a relic from the Leave it to Beaver era. Even the United Way Campaign dropped them recently for their discriminatory, homophobic policies.
She's actually a great representative of the BSA. Would you want your kid to be in a troop she was leading? Hope they don't have to find any map coordinants!
Anyway, we all have to wait until Feb. 1 for the All Stars edition.
Anyone interested in joining a potential pool, drop me an e-mail.

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