Tuesday, September 05, 2006

G.O.P. Sets Aside Work on Immigration
Going into a critical pre-election stretch, Congressional
Republican leaders will concentrate on national security
issues instead of immigration..."


Yeah, right.
They didn't want to expose the huge chasms within their party about immigration, so suddenly this "issue of vital importance" will disappear because the GOP fears it won't play well at the polls.
Truth be told, the fascist GOP captains of agro-industry rely on cheap foreign labor to do their bidding for pennies on the dollar so they can pocket the profits their exploitation provides.
Rest assured, some deep pocketed Big Dogs in the industry told that imbecile Bush and his lackeys in the Congress to eat immigration reforms, and they did.
So, now they are opting to play the national security card again?
What national security?
FEMA failed New Orleans and the Gulf. It's still a fetid, stinking cesspool down there and everyone knows it.
Airports are STILL NOT retrofitted to security measures even close to Tel Aviv's airport.
Taking the war to them, i.e. Iraq, was and is a fucking joke.
Does anyone think Iraq is not the biggest, most expensive boondoggle in American history?

The GOP stands for nothing but fattening the wallets of corporate white American men.
Unless you're a rich, powerful, white, Christian man- send those bastards a message in November.
They've been fucking us for years.

It's time for THEM to bend over.


BigSis said...

All of that and now gas prices are going down fast. How about that?

Yeah, they need to get back to whipping up some hate and fear of terrorists and gays if they want to get the idiot vote in November.

dusty said...

Nah..they are pandering to the idiot vote now..the whole "terrorists will follow us home" bs..

dusty said...

Hey KZ..you working now?

dusty said...

Did you see the article about Kinky and his policies?

10,000 TX national guard troops on the border

100Mil to Houston for the crime problem that is blamed on Katrina leftovers.

And this one which I love:

He said he would abolish the state business tax, which taxes gross business income and was a key element of the school finance reform passed by the legislature in a special session earlier this year. The existing state budget surplus of at least $11 billion could make up any shortfall, he said.

I haven't seen any poll numbers on Kinky..how is he doin?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Judging by bumper stickers, Kinky's outweigh the other contenders by about 10 to 1.
Even some of my Repugnican pals are saying they will vote for him.