Monday, November 20, 2006

If I Did It, This Is How I Did It

If anyone has any lingering doubts about the scumminess of Aussie Wetback Rupert Murdoch, look no further than his company's ("News Corps") efforts to make a buck off OJ Simpson's recently scuttled book and TV specials called, "If I Did It."
Just when I think I've mellowed and evolved, a news item like this comes along and reminds me that, yes I could shoot Simpson OR Murdoch in the head without a moment's guilt.
If Murdoch wants to really make some news, he should hire someone to kill Simpson, then himself.


BigSis said...

Harsh, but I agree. I'm trying to keep my blood pressure down and this OJ crap almost put me in the emergency room. So that works out and I get my bp down to its normal scarey high and then Kramer goes KKK on us.
huu-whhut the f was that about?

stacey said...

I have to do a presentation on this for one of my classes. Any chance I could ask you a couple of questions off-blog?