Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Thursday, 7 p.m. CST Survivor CBS (yes, our manipulative, deliciously devious diva Todd Herzog is still in the game)
Thursday, 8 p.m. CST Top Chef Holiday Challenge Bravo (featuring favorite chefs from previous seasons battling it out for holiday cuisine supremacy)

Don't anyone bother calling me tomorrow evening. Thank you.


bigsis said...

Sorry I missed both of those.

Instead of tv I read a book and had a meaningful conversation with my SO.

Not really, I caught up on all the tv I missed on Wednesday-Bionic Woman, Life, Dirty, Sexy Money, Project Runway, Boston Legal and my new fave, "Kitchen Nightmare."

Distributorcap said...

he was almost voted off?
i cant stand that Courtney
and why am i watching that show???

karenzipdrive said...

Survivor's Courtney is that skinny bug eyed chick who apparently lives very comfortably in NYC with a man who supports her lifestyle.
She's not my least favorite- that would be the inscrutible Peigh-Lee or whatever the hell her name is.

As for the holiday Top Chef show, by now we all know that the cocky red-headed lesbo Tiffany won the $20,000 grand prize. Yay!
The show featured more lesbians than a sale at the Home Depot, so I was delighted with the mix, and glad a chick finally won something good.