Friday, December 03, 2010

Obama's Surprise Visit to Afghanistan

I think it was a good move for Obama to pay a surprise holiday visit to the troops stationed in Afghanistan. Any time a president commits our troops to war, he needs to risk the danger of going there in person to see what his decision is costing Americans who serve in the armed forces.
Wouldn't it be nice if he could have also said hello and thank you to troops who are openly gay and serving as patriotic soldiers?
Obama could have, and should have, rectified this flagrant human rights and constitutional rights violation against gay tax paying citizens.
Some may say he can't win for losing.
But he needs to right this wrong and quit fucking around with it.
I know dozens of gays and lesbians who have served or are serving in the military with honor. To deny them equal rights is dishonorable and disgraceful.
It's one more thing Obama needs to do before he regains liberal and progressive support. Until then, he's no different than religious fundamentalists, tea baggers and the rest of those intolerant fools.


squatlo said...

On this point, I agree completely. I believe he has the power to rectify this by executive order, pure and simple, and tell anyone annoyed by the decision to kiss his black ass.
This is a civil rights issue, and nothing less than that.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Squatlo, assuming you're a straight guy, it might be hard for you to imagine being gay and wanting to serve your country but having to live a big, fat lie to do it.
It's about a multi-decorated full bird colonel with 25 years of service being fired because someone ratted him out.
It is a civil rights issue, but on a more basic level, it hurts our feelings.
We queers believed in Obama and expected him to believe in us.
But he didn't, and so far he doesn't.

Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

He visited the gay troops too today KZ, but they have to lie and hide their sexuality. Wrong on every level.

You however are completely correct in your assessment.

Karen Zipdrive said...

He visited the closeted gay troops.
Pity if one was killed in the line of duty and his or her partner tried to file for widow/widower's compensation.
It's fucked up and someone in power needs to man-up and do away with the bullshit.
If straight troops can keep it in their pants, it's a fucking insult to imply that gay troops cannot control their sexual impulses.

nonnie9999 said...

the time has come. people in this country, other than a few in the fundie far right and capt underpants, are for ending dadt. the dog and pony show in the senate has to end. capt underpants keeps moving the goalposts, and he's making a fool of himself. it's his prerogative to be an intolerant asswipe, but he doesn't have the right to take a dump on anyone else's rights.

i would rather that congress end dadt, but if they're going to keep dragging their feet to please that old fart from arizona, then obama should just sign an executive order, and let capt underpants go sit in his office and sulk.

Lulu Maude said...

Homophobia--the last "respectable" prejudice.


squatlo said...

I'm amazed that the black community is one of the most strident in opposition of gay rights issues. I believe if Martin Luther King were alive today he'd be on the front lines of the gay rights fight, because it's a civil rights issue no less than any other.
And KarenZ, you obviously have more claim to this issue than a straight guy in Tennessee does, but I don't think being white kept civil rights marchers from being beaten or gassed in the 60's. This is a national shame, something history will look back on as one of our most shameful periods, no less than slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, Japanese internment camps, or anti-Islamic fervor today.
This could be resolved with one executive order, and more than any other disappointment in his term of office, this is the one thing that has saddened me most about Obama's presidency.

bigsis said...

Gays, in particular lesbians, fought and continue to fight for the right of all women to have an abortion. Lesbians started the shelter movement for battered women. Both of these are issues faced primarily by straight women. The gays fought elbow to elbow with others trying to defend the rights of black Americans.

But where the hell are the straight women and blacks that should be fighting for the rights of gays/lesbians? Personally, I've had it being everyone's door mat so the only people I'm going to fight for are the queers. Everyone else can jump up my ass.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I believe the resistance to having gays in the military comes from straight commanders who secretly worry about their own reaction to being in a foxhole or a shower next to a hunky gay man.
I like men, but when one makes a pass at me I don't fret about it. I just smile and say no thanks. If they're super nice I just tell them I bat for the other team.

As for the non-existent quid pro quo between Blacks and gays, Black churches are notoriously homophobic and gay Black men often have to live on the down-low.
Obama is a product of such a church, and he may talk a good game but so far he stands with his fag hating church.

Distributorcap said...

this is a country that thrives on hating someone or something - and with no commies, laws protecting blacks (tho there is still plenty of hate) - one of the last remaining "legit" hate targets are the gays.

get rid of DADT and DOMA - and well, you legitimize a whole group - and the fundies could not handle it.

obama's entire record on gay rights is a load of crap - this is one area (well there are many, like taxes) that this guy talks out of both sides of his mouth - and i truly believe he and axelrod and a slew of other inept and incompetent officials sit around and say - well where are the gays and the progressives and the women's rights and the union people going? to the GOP?

i dont understand this "we have to end DADT the right way - through Congress and not the courts"

who fucking cares how it ends? (the senile and asshole McCain does) and what are we waiting for to be "ready"

this is pure prejudice - nothing more. and like everything else obama has done - we were sold a bill of goods.

if he thinks a GOP controlled house (and senate, the GOP is running circles around the Dems) is gonna help on this - then obama truly is no smarter than Palin

bigsis said...

Wish I could have said it as well as D'cap.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Let's face it--excluding gays from being open in the military is an issue about dollars and cents.
For a gay service member to serve with equal rights would mean paying for family housing, TriCare insurance benefits and a lifetime of survivor benefits.
It's about the DoD being cheap conniving sons of bitches, not about who puts what in whose hole.