Monday, January 12, 2004

News Haikus

"Paul O'Neill lied!" Bush said
"I only hire liars,"
"So that's how I know."

Neil Bush was a crook
George was jealous of his skills
Now he's just as good

Nixon and Agnew
Famous Oval Office crooks
Dick and Bush? Same thing.

Gee, who would have guessed
Paul O'Neill turned out to be
A Taliban spy!

I'll bet old Karl Rove
Is up late tonight, working
his paper shredder

Hillary Clinton
Bush makes your Whitewater thing
Look like romp in park

It's at times like this
Gosh, it's so hard not to sing
"I told you so" song

Bob Dole is so pissed
All he has left of career?
Viagra hard-on.

Dubya's Daddy, George
Seen at courthouse on Monday
Changing name to Smith

Barbara Bush is
Prolly scowling at husband
Blames his genes for sons

To save them money
I propose Saddam and Dubya
Share one trial lawyer

Karma's not instant
But sooner or later I
knew Bush would get his

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