Monday, January 26, 2004

WMDs And Bitchy Lesbians

David Kaye, the chief U.S. Weapons Inspector in Iraq said basically that Iraq didn't have jackshit in terms of WMD's.
Now Bush apologists are saying, "Yeah, but we got rid of a terrible dictator and the world is a safer place."
No it's not, you idiots.
Iraq didn't have any meaningful weapons to begin with, so how the hell is the world safer? More Islamics than ever hate our guts since Bush invaded Iraq. The world is more dangerous, with more pissed off Islamics, and they-- not the non-secular Iraqi government--were and are the terrorists.
Meanwhile back in Lesboland, I polled a handful of local lesbians as to their reaction to "The L Word."
The detractors whined that the cast consists of all thin, good looking women.
The same detractors would rather chew their own arms off than date a big, fat lesbian. Hypocrites. Hey, I like buff women, but unlike my theoretically PC friends, I have dated some fabulous fat women. Not too long ago, I was a fabulous fat woman!
Anyway, the obvious explanations were made. No TV series that features adults in ordinary life dramas has big, old or ugly people in it, not as central characters, at least.
The L Word is set in So Cal, so dumpy characters with $5 haircuts would be quite incongruous. Having lived in Southern California myself when I was 5'8" and wore a size 12, I was considered a chunky monkey back in those days.
You'd think lesbians would be thrilled to finally be represented in a high profile Showtime series, but noooooooo, some still bitch.
The detractors should pool their money and produce a lesbian series with some fat old mullet headed dykes, swilling long necks at the local lesbian tavern, then try to sell it to HBO or Showtime.
Last night's episode of The L Word was pretty good. The sexual tension between Marina and Jenny the straight girl is blisteringly hot. Good looking women who love to read and write are lesbian catnip.
What do you think? Is the world safer now that Saddam is gone? Do you think The L Word needs some plain janes to make it more real?
Talk to me.

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