Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Tonight's State of the Union Skit

Tonight the Resident will likely tell us the economy is improving, but he won't mention the still rampant unemployment his policies have created.
He'll say that the capture of Saddam Hussein has helped with the war on terror, but he won't mention Osama Bin Laden, because he doesn't want us to notice
Neither will he mention how Americans are still dying in Iraq, how our thinning military is strained to the max, or that his Department of Homeland Insecurity is still fiddling with the hottest alert colors on their silly little chart.
He may say we are safer now, because he lies.
He'll get around mentioning that his prescription benefit only benefits his rich benefactors who run the pharmaceutical companies.
We know he only serves the wealthy, but he pretends to care about the little people, because he's a liar.
He may talk about Dr. Martin Luther King. He placed a wreath on his grave recently, then hurried to a $2,000 a head fundraising dinner for his reelection
campaign. The 5-minute wreath ceremony made it a state visit, so we taxpayers foot the transportation and lodging bills for him and his cronies to attend his
gala fundraiser. But he won't thank us for financing his ruse in his speech tonight.
He may talk about his love for democracy and how he welcomes dissent.
He won't mention he doesn't read newspapers because he says, "It's all opinion," and he won't mention how the Secret Service forces protesters to meet miles from where the Resident is, so he doesn't have to face hearing their angry cries.
Bush may say a lot of things but we know from last year, we know for a fact, he's a fucking liar. He stares into the camera, smirks his adorable little smirk, then lies.
His "weapons of mass destruction in Iraq" lies became what the Rev. Al Sharpton aptly called his "weapons of mass distraction."
I thought about watching the farce again this year.
But I thought instead I'd do something far more relevant to my own life.
I'm taking a lesbian out to dinner, while it's still legal.

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