Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Gloves Came Off at the GOP Debate

No, Karl Rove wasn't a part of the GOP debate, I just like to think of him as the face of the Republican party. I love his latest whopper-that Congress rushed Bush into war with Iraq. Uncredible!
As for the GOP debate, I was delighted to see Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani going at it like the two little bitches they are.
Plus the topic of what is and isn't torture was instantly smothered by former POW Walnuts McCain- who wisely said the use of torture by Americans against enemies was simply unacceptable.
Again, GOP Ron Paul made the most sense. He's the only true Republican in the race.
If I had to vote for a Republican, he'd be the one.
Most of the rest are just fascist bastards looking to continue the insane policies of Reagan and Bush. P'tooie!
Surprisingly, Baptist Minister Mike Huckabee came off like a gentle soul with deeply ingrained beliefs that clash with some of my own, yet I think he's sincere and consistent. He's sort of a Jimmy Carter type, but the neo-cons and neo-Christians won't nominate him--they like their Christians a lot meaner.

Enough of that.
I am in the midst of television bliss this season.
Project Runway is back with some fabulously lousy designers. Last night's challenge was to design a TV-appropriate outfit for former football player Tiki Barber. Some of the designs were dawg ugly- hilariously so.
Survivor is still plugging along, this time they are in China and the cast is a lot of fun, including a deviously delicious gay flight attendant named Todd Herzog.
Dirty, Sexy Money is a wonderful new show on ABC. Peter Krause from Six Feet Under stars along with Donald Sutherland, Jill Clayburgh and Billy Baldwin.
It's sort of like "Dynasty" without all the civility.
Dancing With the Stars ended this week, with Indy 500 champ Helio Castroneves winning the hideous mirrored ball trophy. He beat out Mel B. from the Spice Girls, which I think was a bit of a ripoff because Mel really threw down. At least they finally got rid of the horrid Marie Osmond, whose freestyle performance was hysterically awful. She dressed as a big baby doll and her partner basically dragged her around like a limp dishrag.

The worst show for 2008 had to be HBO's Tell Me You Love Me. It's the saga of an older female sex therapist and the lives of her patients. The casting director should be shot. The male characters are especially unattractive--one has a pointy face, one looks like he has retardation, one needs a good bath, ad nauseam.
The sex scenes contain full-out nudity, including one episode which featured a close up shot of one of the guy's huge red balls as he's mounted atop his fiancee. Ugh.
Plus the kissing scenes have very loud smacking and sucking noises, which is not an attractive sound unless I am making it. I just hate that show.
To make it worse, they have three or four real-life couples (including the token lesbian couple) discuss the show afterwards. I pity the poor men, having to rehash the ridiculous scenes that even Oprah would find too insipid to discuss.


dguzman said...

Sweet Jesus, you gotta post more--I love your blog.

bigsis said...

I hate Chris Matthews using his show to try to prove that Bill Clinton lied when he said he was against the war from the beginning. Bill was then, and is now, a private citizen and he can say whatever the hell he wants. But Matthews said not one single word about that scumbag Rove saying Bush et al were against the war and Congress made them do it. Rove was the leader of that pack and his lies deserve above the fold press.

Is the whole U.S. on crack and unaware of what's going on around them? I feel like I'm being gaslighted.

Karenzipdrive said...

Chris Matthews is a buffoon.
He's the Vanilla Ice of punditry.

Lulu Maude said...

I'd rather read your descriptions of TV than watch it.

Love the wit.

Anonymous said...

I wish they had turned to Ron Paul for the big agra subsidies question. Whoever answered that one basically said we can't do anything unless the EU does something. What BS! Where's the leadership? And why should we be sending tax dollars to billion dollar companies so that they can grow dirt? Makes no sense whatsoever.