Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bad Genes=Bad Judgment

Miley Cyrus is a teenaged whore.
She's from a white trash family and she's just one molecule away from posing for Hustler magazine.
So...Perez Hilton posts a pic of her naked beaver as she's exiting a car, and he's facing jail for that?
Cyrus has publicly humped a stripper pole, released a particularly trashy video of her white trash song, "I Can't be Tamed" and she's living with her boyfriend right under the noses of her "parents," yet we are expected to have the media treat her like a virginal young maiden?
If she's that delicate, you'd think she'd consider wearing panties under her micro minis. Panties? You know, undergarments worn by those of us who were not raised by wolves?
Mark my words, Miley Cyrus is about one 8-ball short of being Courtney Love.
Perez Hilton should perhaps be punished for pollution, but not for kiddie porn.


Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

I know she's rolling in dough, but I feel sorry for kid stars in general... they miss out on opportunities to grow intellectually and spiritually and are marketed for their nubile charms, which are of great interest to those who aren't exactly their advocates.

I'll spare you the list of those who have come before. You know who they are.

Matty Boy said...

It's interesting that the young hot messes like Miley and Lindsay are of almost no interest to the supermarket rags.

nonnie9999 said...

the picture i saw looks like she's wearing underwear. it will be stupid shit like this that will keep her in the limelight. it certainly won't be talent.

Jaliya said...

Gee, I wonder why it is I'm being reminded so forcefully of Britney Spears ...

How old is this child ... Fifteen??

Anonymous said...

It's MOSTLY Disney channel's fault! I used to look up to her!! Honestly, people, she ISN'T S. A. N. E! Look up what sane means! The other half is her mom and dad! I loved her dad, now, he's not what I'd call a "great" parent! I take the usage of "white-trash" offensively! Also, wolves are VERY responsible! I think Walt Disney would be put to
S. H. A. M. E!!!!

Anonymous said...

Disney channel created the monster/Demond! She USED to be DOWN TO EARTH!! I'm sorry, it's true! She got payed SOOOO much and they told her the world was hers!!!! I could tell this was gonna happen!! I
L. O. V. E. Nickelodeon! They treat their stars RIGHT!!!!

G. O. N I. C. K. E. L. O. D. E. O. N!!!!

Anonymous said...

People who call others by names are considered bullies!!! Sure this is not the best pic but the thing is that there is no need to be calling names!!! You don't know anything so shut the hell up!!! This is her life and you don't need to butt into it!!! I'm 19 and trust me there are plenty of girls that I see who act a lot worse!! Worry about something else like global warming and not an 18 year old girl who has a private life and btw there is nothing wrong with a private life!!! You talk about her being a role model and stuff for kids well I got one thing to say: Parents do your jobs right!!! Ur the parents which makes you the role models!! Celebs can only do so much but it should be parents all the way!!!