Friday, June 25, 2010

Way To Ruin My Day, Sonic

I try to avoid fast food joints as much as I can, but yesterday afternoon it was so hot and muggy I developed a serious craving for a giant Sonic diet cherry limeade.
Once I pulled into the Sonic, I realized I'd forgotten to eat lunch, so I decided to order a #1 hamburger. It's just a simple burger with a bun, a little mayo, lettuce, tomato and a burger patty.
So I get my order and drive home.
I took the burger out of the wrapper and put it on a plate.
Then I sat down and bit into it.
Turns out they gave me a double meat/double cheeseburger with a huge glob of mustard instead of a little mayo and a ton of jalapenos mired in the cheese glop.
Who eats a burger that gross?
It was too hot to drive back and complain, so I ended up trashing it and making a bowl of Raisin Bran instead.
Now Sonic is officially on my no-fly list, except for huge diet cherry limeades.


Fran said...

Since I've been Miss Healthy Girl for a month (one month =10 lbs gone)this actually looks good to me.

We are Sonic-less here.

nonnie9999 said...

that sounds pretty disgusting.

by the way, zippy, i've been meaning to speak to you about throwing away so much stuff. you need to call the manufacturers or the restaurants or whatever the offending party might be and complain. i had bread that went moldy way before it should have. i called nature's own (owned by flower's) at the 800 number on the package. they sent me bunches of coupons for free bread. they want people to call so they know how to make their products better or correct what their employees are doing. i've done the same with a lot of different products. i used to just throw stuff away and curse a lot, but now that i'm living on disability, i can't throw my money away. i've even called companies to compliment their products, and they sent me coupons for free stuff.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Nonnie, that's a really good idea. One caveat, however. I look for reasons to avoid junk food places and Sonic has effectively given me one to avoid theirs.
If I got a mess of free coupons from them, I'd be back down the junky rabbit hole.

bigsis said...

Great advice to call voice a complaint. And my Nature's Own bread also goes bad sometimes well before the expiration date. Thanks for the info nonnie, I'm going to follow your advice. said...

Careful you don't pass on the arterial congealing Sonic Burger to dash over to some contaminated cereal!
I've just come in from the garden and I'm counting down the days until fresh garden tomatoes are ready to slice... and when that day arrives, no fast food outlet in Tennessee will get a dime of my money. Same goes for those styrofoam tomatoes they sell at Krogers and Publix.

Fran said...

That is one disgusting item. Blech!
Did you see the film supersize me?
Morgan Spurlock went on an all McDonalds diet- but in part of his experiment he put fries in a jar to watch then decompose.... it took a long time.
Just out of curiosity I looked up their nutritional info:

The supersonic cheeseburger w mayo=
980 calories
570 fat calories
24g saturated fat
2.5 g trans fat
1430 grams sodium
58 carbs
46 g protein

Whew! They may as well just call it the triple bypass.

McGriddle Pants said...

Diet Cherry Limeaids? That sounds AMAAAAAZING!

Oh- and p.s.-I gave you an award on my blog.