Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glenn Beck Pokes Fun at the Blind, 2006

Looks like karma is hitting insensitive clod Glenn Beck right between the eyes.
Seems he's got "macular dysfunction," a condition he claims might cause blindness.
It's heartless to celebrate a disabling disease, so I will refrain from being too upbeat about this news, but I will say I hope he will have a splendid retirement from Fox News if and when his eyes fail him.
Beneath his hapless, quasi-lovable on-camera shtick lies a man filled with hatred and intolerance. He riles up ignorant people by preying on their biggest fears and insecurities.
It will be a better world if Beck has to give up his show for whatever reason.
When he made the announcement that he may be going blind, of course he started crying. Then he said how much he loved to read, and that he was "too darn lazy to learn Braille."


Iain said...

Shame it won't stop him writing or talking.

Matty Boy said...

I'm surprised his act is so popular on the right wing. He's such a drama queen.

McGriddle Pants said...

How about I pour that hot pot of coffee all over his FACE!!

He's such an ass hat.

bigsis said...

Beck will do or say anything for attention so I'll believe it when it happens. This sounds like a smite out of the bible. A little something you-know-who would do as punishment for a greedy gold whore like Beck.

nonnie9999 said...

i think he's full of shit. i don't doubt that he has macular dystrophy, but i don't believe the outlook is as bleak as he wants people to believe. as for the drama about not being able to read, wtf? if he had a choice, he'd rather be able to read than to see his children's faces? there's something seriously wrong with this dumb fuck.

there are children who have this disease, and their prognoses are much more dire. of course, he wouldn't give a shit if they got treatment if their parents are poor. i'll feel sorry for that asshole when he has some compassion for someone other than himself. i don't give a shit what happens to him.

Dusty said...

That fuckwit needs to take a long walk on a very short pier. BTW...my photo of the day on my blog is Becky and it's sweet! ;)

Iain said...

This from the man who tried to persuade his flock that empathy was a bad thing.

A perfect summation - Amen, nonnie:

"i don't believe the outlook is as bleak as he wants people to believe"..."i'll feel sorry for that asshole when he has some compassion"

jadedj said...

My 13 year old daughter is less of a drama queen than this reichtard asswipe. Fuck him.