Friday, July 16, 2010

My name is Tweeds the Cat and I am Smarter Than TX Gov. Rick Perry

As a cat, I rarely pay attention to TV news, but today as I was napping I heard out of the corner of my ear that Rick Perry has introduced a law that will revoke existing licenses or not issue new driver's licenses to high school dropouts.
Now as a cat, I have limited interest in people, but it doesn't take a human to see how stupid this new law would be if it passes.
Seriously, does a kid need a high school diploma to deliver pizza or flip burgers?
Is a diploma essential to driving a cab or working for a landscape company?
Tell ya what, humans. You take a kid's driver's license away, in addition to his or her lack of education, does anyone think this will help the kid get ahead?
Stupid Rick Perry.
He defunds all sorts of educational programs and does whatever he can to derail young Texans from completing high school, then he decides to punish them by denying them drivers' licenses.
I know some stupid humans, but this guy is just begging for one of my pals to crap in his shoe.
I just know he hates cats, you can tell.
Stupid human bastard.


Distributorcap said...

i bet governor rick wants to drive those high school boys around - that is why he is doing this

Matty Boy said...

How old do they have to be before they get one back?

Karen Zipdrive said...

That's the ridiculous thing--no diploma or GED, no license EVER.
I wonder if Governor Gayballs wants to also restrict fishing and hunting licenses for non-grads?
How out of touch can one person be?
What an asshole.

nonnie9999 said...

so, if they get a ged, are they allowed to drive every other day? is he going to do a background check on everyone who moves to texas to make sure they graduated before they can get their texas licenses? do people have to graduate from 'merrikan schools? what if someone immigrates from another country? hell, forget another country, what about if they graduated from a state that doesn't use a texas-board-of-propaga...i mean, -education-approved textbooks?

South Austin Viceroy said...

Big Chief Pretty Hair is grasping for the votes. The ass hat is living in his $9,900 month mansion with Anita reading Food & Wine and seeking suggestions from his Karl Rove.

Mean while in Houston, Bill White has $9 million in his election fund while Prick, (sorry Rick I mistyped) has only $5.2 million.

We Texans can send this Aggie Forestry major cheerleading douche bag back home to Dallas where he can fade into obscurity being the Chair of Texas Tea Party - We Will Rule in 2016 campaign.

Finally, Rick hates cats and coyotes.

Fran said...

Don't know what the laws are in Texas, but in Oregon a parent can request their ( minor) kid's license or permit be revoked.
They figure the parent knows best if their kid can handle driving.
As fate would have it, my kid had a major teenaged meltdown & left home as a minor w/o parental consent. No way he was going to have a permit to drive on our insurance liability when he was not able to follow basic house rules ~ or be living @ home.
I told him so in advance.... so he knew what the consequence would be. I was always a solid parent.... did not issue idle threats.
If he made X choice, this would be the result.
Of course he was pissed off when i did it....
but he was close to being 18 years old & he could go get his license & pay for his own insurance as an adult. If he wanted to be independent, then let him do so 100%.
He drove the way he acted-- impulsive, hyperactive. When I told him he was following too close to the car ahead, he blew me off.
Then he got a ticket for driving too close-- a moving violation that raised his already sky high young male driver ins rate.
Live & learn.

But all those questions Nonnie asked are right on. Who will police the grad verification?
I thought his type was all bout less government?

Lulu Maude said...

I'm sure Rickthe Dick couldn't get that one through the Texas Legislature. They'd all have to fork over their licenses.

Abu Scooter said...

Sure, why not? Clearly, poor teenagers in Texas haven't been learning the joys of bustin' rocks in sufficient numbers.

I have to wonder whether Republicans aren't intentionally creating a vast new criminal class with policies like Gov. Goodhair's.

bigsis said...

Prick (thanks for that one So Austin Viceroy) is the same bastard that spearheaded the deal to accept $3.2 billion last year from the feds designated for local school districts and instead used the funds to fill part of a state budget shortfall. This nullified any increase in education funding that the stimulus intended.

Thank god for US Congressman Lloyd Doggett getting legislation passed in the House recently that forbids Texas from stealing federal money intended for schools - again!

I think Prick wants to assure he'll have a steady herd of local desperate slaves to replace the ones he wants to run out of the US for being here illegally. How else is he going to get cheap labor to do his yard, clean that $9k a month mansion and wipe his nasty ass?

Karen Zipdrive said...

I love Lloyd Doggett.
It's a real crime of nature that Prick Perry is governor of Texas instead of Doggett.
Perry is a total embarrassment.