Thursday, July 01, 2010

Old Age and Treachery Overcome Youth and Enthusiasm Every Time

Okay, I'll admit it. I watched the first Twilight movie on DVD at my Big Sister's urging. I liked it.
But I missed the second movie because I wasn't about to go to a theater and sit amongst hormonal teens slobbering all over the screen.
Big Sis came at me again, asking if I wanted to go see Twilight Eclipse at a theater in Austin this weekend.
I said no.
Then she clarified something for me.
It seems Austin has a movie theater that takes reservations and offers red leather recliners, a full food and alcohol menu and table service. Tickets cost $20 each.
I had to smile when I heard that.
What pimple-faced teenager has the dough to pay that much for tickies? Probably not too many, especially if it's a date and costs double that. And the recliners are all separate, so there's no whispering and giggling going on.
I still resisted until Big Sis said she'd already bought my ticket for me.
So it's settled.
Twilight Eclipse for grown-ups. I like it.


bigsis said...

When you walk into the theater there's a full bar and the music sounds like you're at my fave gay bar. You can have an adult beverage and gourmet appetizers and then order more food or drinks and have them delivered to you at your super sized Laze-Boy seat at any time or at increments you choose. For example - please bring me one dirty martini every 25 minutes until I tell you to stop and my dessert 30 minutes before the movie ends. And the waitstaff vampire fast with an order. They also bring you a little pillow and a clean fluffy blanket if you get chilly.
I'd almost be tempted to sit through a Tom Cruise movie for that kind of service (maybe). The cost is a little more than Zip says but worth every penny to avoid said pimpled faced teens. This getting old thing may work out after all.

Dusty said...

Fuck I hate you two. I am green with jealousy. ;p

Karen Zipdrive said...

OMG what an experience that was.
I felt like I was in Abu Dhabi, and I think the movie was pretty good- although in that place even Valley of the Dolls would seem like a masterpiece.

bigsis said...

When Zip told the staff person she loved the theater so much she'd even watch Fox News there, I knew she must have really enjoyed herself.

Dusty said...

That is friggin amazing ladies. And yes, even Fox Noise would be tolerated for that wonderful experience. My Orthopedic Surgeon has three friggin tvs always on fox noise...,if he was't the most committed and one of the best in this area...I sure as hell would of found another doc within the last four years.