Monday, August 28, 2006

John Mark Karr: Your 15 Minutes Are Up and My Damned Foot Hurts

Yep. Turns out the nutter who Boulder Colorado officials extradited from Thailand was not a DNA match to whomever killed Jon Benet Ramsey.
Karr, the pencil-necked pervert, will probably be charged with something but it won't be murder.
I say they should charge him with any flimsy thing they want, as long as the charge results in him being placed in the joint with the general prison population. I hope the guards lace all the convicts' Pruno with Viagra so they can welcome the creep with the great thrust of gusto he deserves.

Meanwhile, in the hottest summer on record here in San Antonio, I've been having progressively worse pain in my right instep. Nothing I can recall happened to cause it; it just popped up the other day and never went away.
After elevation, ice and aspirin all day yesterday, I awakened this morning with pain similar to jabbing a red hot knitting needle into my instep.
I drove to the emergency room and waited with a roomful of sickly people for an hour or so. Then I was x-rayed and examined, with a diagnosis of acute tendonitis and some other thing that started with "necro" that I can't remember.
Fuckin' diabetes.
Seems the doctor theorized that on Friday, I must have laced my shoes too tight and the slight pinching on top of my foot drove the nerves on my instep crazy and made them revolt.
So now I am taking Prednisone and some delicious little morsels known as Percoset.
I have a space age heat-wrap stuck to my elevated hoof and the drugs are working.
But I hate the idea of the nerves in my extremities going haywire any damn time they want.
I hope this isn't a harbinger of freakish ailments popping up in the years to come.
However, on the bright side, Percoset is a most comforting medication.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Come to think of it, I think they should extradite Karr back to Thailand to face their courts. He was said to be molesting little girls as a teacher in that country, after all.
I saw "The Deerhunter," I think the Thais must still have those bamboo jails where other prisoners can do unspeakable things to each other.
To hell with American frontier justice. Let the Thais have the creep.

Lulu Maude said...

First, your foot: my deep sympathies. I have been hobbling around with plantar fasciitis for a month, aggravated most when I do what I like best, gardening and walking... old age isn't for sissies.

I wasn't surprised about weirdo Karr... he was a little too hot for the stage. He's obviously bonkers. I just wish that the family could get some peace and resolution.

I'll leave the justice to you.

chapin said...

Good luck with the foot Karen. I just got home from PT on my shoulder. I agree...diabetes sucks and I want it to go away.

As for Karr...I won't sleep tonight knowing that a$$hole is out on the loose again.

BigSis said...

Lulu, I had plantars too a few years ago. Did everything, even got an ugly orthotic. Went online for some advice and some old codger said he fixed it by standing with the balls of his feet on some stairs while lowering his heels up and down. Every day he'd drop his heels lower than his toes several times for just a few mintues. I did a few times a day for about 3-4 days religiously. That was 4 years ago, hasn't returned.

Zip, sorry about your foot. I decided last year that shoestrings are for chumps. I've proven I can tie a shoe, now I only want to slip into soft comfy, but stylish urban sneakers. Check out Berne Mev's. yum

Can you tell my rising sign is Cancer? I can talk about feet all day.

Karen Zipdrive said...

My foot is feeling much better tonight, but I think the Percoset has a lot to do with it.
I believe that shit could make the dead rise again.
As for shoestrings, when I was first diagnosed with diabetes I had to attend a shoe seminar that lasted forever.
The RN Shoe Nazi said lace up shoes "provided the stability a diabetic foot needs." I've got about 25 pair I'd like to pelt her with.
Clogs, baby. That's my new mantra.

BigSis said...

There ya go, no shoestrings baby. That product must have a helluva lobby group working for it.

dusty said...

oohh shit, they set you up girl..hope you feel better soon. I just got a cortisone shot in my back..real thrill that was.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I am feeling better, thanks. said...

one word, KZ...Crocs...most comfy damned shoes i've ever put on.