Thursday, August 03, 2006

Project Runway: The INC Fashion Challenge
Tell Us You're Watching

Keith, the smarmy love child of Jacob Dylan and Greg Kinnear, was thrown bluntly off the show for cheating like the sniveling dog he is.
Seems he had some pattern books hidden in his room, discovered by a certain Oklahomo who designs pageant gowns in Norman.
He also went awol from the show for several hours and used the Internet- both verboten.
Though I usually find snoopy little tattletales obnoxious, I think Kayne was right to bust Keith for trying to get an edge on the competition. That just ain't right.
So the Keithless challenge began, and Angela with her reputation for being a talentless hack with an inability to sketch, managed to convince the INC fashion director that her scratchy pencil sketches were viable.
The fashion exec bought her idea, to everyone's astonishment.
She selected as her team Laura, the uptight but elegant architect and Michael from Atlanta who does hiphop bootywear. They both cringed as she selected them...
Then they collaborated very nicely.
Michael and Laura ganged up on Angela and forced her to minimize her trademark rosettes, causing their outfit to be quite refined and beautiful.
So, Team Angela kicked everyone's ass and won the challenge, and the prize: INC will manufacture and retail their winning ensemble at every major Macy's in America.
Angela gets street cred, but she should have publicly praised Laura and Michael for their valuable contributions... and the critics' cocky darling Keith got thrown off the show and into the street. Hotcha!
The guy with the tattooed neck doesn't seem to like women. He's very haughty, for the abandoned son of a biker and a Goodwill jacket designer. Rule of thumb: if someone has a tattoo that would prohibit him from a career in burger sales at McDonald's, he's a nutter.
Meanwhile, Vincent the kvetcher was green around the gills when Angela was selected team leader and won the competition. Who's the team player now, nebbish?
Barbie designer Robert and Kayne teamed with Vincent to produce a total snore of an outfit.
Vincent looked like he was sucking a lemon throughout the collaboration.
But the losers were Team Bonnie, whose brown twill mom jeans and pink floppy cowl neck top bored the judges into comas. Bonnie was the woman who outed Serena Williams as a liar for saying she had designed the tennis outfits Bonnie had designed. Byebyebonnie.


dusty said...

Look, can't you send me a reminder for this show? Please :p

With my back trashed and I am medicated up to my brown eyes most times..I can't remember my name much less when this obviously good show is on.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I'll remind you next week, but meanwhile Bravo reruns the various episodes throughout the week.

Lulu Maude said...

I'd rather read your account of it than watch it. Is tell us you're watching part of the title or an urgent plea on your part?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Yes, a VERY urgent plea.

BigSis said...

The rerun comes on NBC every Monday night.