Saturday, February 04, 2012

A Few Things to Ponder

Do you think the Palin daughters were embarrassed once their mother started speaking to the media extemporaneously and divulged a huge chasm of ignorance about history, geography, economics and so on?
Or do you think the daughters are even stupider than Sarah Palin and didn't realize they can't actually see Russia from their back porch?
Do you think any of the daughters know anything whatsoever about Paul Revere?
I think that Todd Palin is probably dumb, and I know Sarah Palin is gypsy/grifter smart but not the least bit intellectual.
I think when they started breeding Trip and Trap and Truck and Willblo and Peeper and Brisket, their weak genetics mashed together to form super sub-par progeny.

I just can't see any of them ever saying, "I'll take Quantum Physics for $2,000 Alex."

I just can't believe how mediocre politicians have gotten. To think this simpleton, Narcissistic woman still has the power to act coy with the media tells us how low our standards have slipped.
And to think that the GOP's presidential hopefuls are Ron Gabby Hayes Paul, Frothy Santorum, Mitt$ Romney and that horrible bastard Newt Retread Gingrich.

I'm not saying Obama has been the best president in American history; I'm just saying when compared to the batch of fetid slop GOP has served up, Obama may as well be named Abraham Roosevelt.


Iain said...

Welcome back KZ.

Is the Palin family still in the public eye in the US? They are undoubtedly a triumph of balls-out confidence over substance. To be that clueless but have it as a selling point is some kind of twisted genius.

jadedj said...

I just can't see any of them ever saying, "I'll take Quantum Physics for $2,000 Alex."

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Good one!

Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

Hell, I won't even take quantum physics for 50 cents.

Trap and Truck and Willblo and Peeper and Brisket...


Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

p.s. I don't think that education is a dominant family value. You know Sarah's morbid fear of ee-lee-tism.

Fran said...

the little one, Pippen strikes me as the one who got the full brunt of it at a very young age.
She's the one raising the special needs baby, and is old enough to realize Mom is embarrassing,
The other 2 are soon to be outta there. Brisket already is moved out.
She's gonna need a lot of therapy.
Poor kid-- when the teacher asked the class to write an essay - What I did on my sumer vacation, will break down and beg the teacher-- Please! Don't make me relive that tour bus nightmare!

You gotta love that Toad endorsed Newt, and Sarah endorsed what Toad said, and then Newt tanked, Ha! Thanks Sarah for that kiss of death endorsement.

bigsis said...

The Palins the Kardashians the Duggars, all the R candidates, they're all a bunch of ignorant grifters who've learned how to make a fortune out of being ignorant, unskilled loud mouths.