Saturday, February 04, 2012

Oh, Hardy Har Har

We get it.
They dress up this weirdo like a drag queen, trowel on the make-up, hammer on the platinum hair helmet and then tell her to flash the most demonic face she can make.
But, damn it, people all over the world are seeing these same creepy photos and they must think the whole nation has gone bat shit crazy.
Isn't there anyone in charge at Camp Newt who can pull her aside and tell her to knock off the lunatic hijinx?
It's embarrassing.


Iain said...

I think if I had her sleeping arrangements, I'd have some kind of facial nerve disorder too.

jadedj said...

Can she spell S T E P F O R D?

Lulu Maude said...


Callista has created an entirely new model for a spouse, standing mute in her primary color suits and triple-strand pearls looking at the 68-year-old Newt for the whole event, her platinum carapace inclined deferentially toward his shaggy gray mane.

Some Repug hack calls her 'transformative'-- convinced that her man's destiny is the thing.

Frankly, I don't think she gives a shit. How 'bout you?

Fran said...

Callista is all into the possibility of getting into the ultimate country club- i.e. the white house.
Plastic surgery all the way.

The expression I want to see is her face when Newt wants to go ahead w the open marriage, and on to his next wife or affair.

She's lame enough to think starting a relationship w an affair was just because she was so much better.
Soon she will be discarded like an old sock, and Newt will be sniffing someone else's who who, like the dog he is.

Think she put a "she keeps the jewelry" clause in the pre nup?

bigsis said...

She doesn't even look human and I can't imagine this creature having a warm or kind thought anywhere in her concrete skull.
I'm sure newt tells her how to dress and look so she personifies what goes on in the nasty mind of fat old newt.