Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I'd Have the Same Facial Expression

My God, what is wrong with Calypso's face?
Doesn't anyone on team Newton have the courage to tell her to cut that out?
Can't they see she's pretending to be waxen and crazy-eyed just to mess up Newt's chances of becoming the next GOP president?
I mean, the man is so charismatic, especially for a rapid cycling undiagnosed & untreated bi-polar!
Just listening to his quick fire stream of ideas and those peppery arrows aimed toward Mitt Romney and I think, "RISING STAR!"
I'd really hate to see wife #3 louse it up for him.
I wish Nancy Reagan, old Barbara and Laura Bush would call her and give her some first lady beauty tips.


Lulu, the Dewey Dame said...

Yeah... if he doesn't get elected, we can blame it on Callista, even though her biggest fault is having no taste in men. (Not that I believe that she's really into him.)

Big ol' sugar daddy, eh?

I thought that Laura B. passed those crazy eyes on to her.

Anonymous said...

Karen, Karen! You're back from Christmas! :) I've missed your posts!

Karen Zipdrive said...

:D Thanks, whoever you are.

Fran said...

Callista has had some work done. A few years ago she looked human, Now, not so much.
She either scowls (throwing daggers look) or the wide eyed surprised looks are all she can do.
But, she has made sacrifices. Shes had to leave the Tiffany's bling in the safe on the campaign trail. Now it's just pearls and an occasional gold chain.
You know, so as to not offend the masses dripping with diamonds.
I wonder if, when she goes home, does she rush to to the safe to be w her real jewelry collection?
Callista's goal in life, should she get her claws in the white house (not gonna happen), would be to make Nancy Reagan look like a crack house whore-- she would outdo her just that much.

bigsis said...

come on, it would almost be worth the vote to see Calista out in the WH garden in her plastic overalls digging the weeds and snipping fresh veggies for newts dinner.

Is this robot woman still child bearing age? Because the spawn of these two creatures would scare the hell out of me. Oh wait, newt prefers to be blown...whew