Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Swiss Bank Accounts and Some Dough in the Caymans. A Fine American.

This GOP primary is making me miss McCain and Palin.
They've got two crooks, a geezerly quack and Frothy Santorum--what a winning mix.
Somewhere in Kenya, an Obama cousin has been using Muslim juju to conjure up this batch of goons in the GOP mix.
Those little bitches Newt and Mitts have shred each other so much by now, Obama's new campaign slogan is, "At least I'm not them."
I watched three minutes of the last debate.
The Republican I was watching it with had to change channels after three minutes because she was getting nauseous.
I'd rather watch old episodes of The Jersey Shore. At least they're comparatively likable and authentic...and they don't strap their dogs to the tops of their cars-- I mean, if any of them had dogs or cars.
I haven't blogged much about the GOP slate because it's way too easy to lampoon them. They are so ridiculous, making fun of them would seem redundant.
If you had to vote for one of them, who would it be?

4 comments: said...

This is what I don't understand.

What is more important to the GOP? Electing one of THESE goobs and losing the 2016 election, or 4 more years of Obama and a chance to find someone who would be a decent president?

Mitt, Newt, Rick, Ron: None of these 4 will be re-elected. End of story. So... find a 2-term president for 2016, or be one and done and don't really control the White House until 2020?

Choice is yours, republicans...

Karen Zipdrive said...

Clearly the GOP doesn't want the presidency. See, they wait for a Democrat to come in and balance the budget, and maybe even leave a surplus.
Then they come back into office and start looting and pillaging again until they gut the treasury.
It's a cycle that started with that senile bastard Reagan, then George W. Bush perfected it.

Fran said...

If I ***had*** to pick one, it would be Romney.
Yes, Mitt, "let them foreclose" Romney. I honestly think Gingrich is the more dangerous of the 2 & RP & Sanitorium, well, neither can be considered viable,
The fact much of the party can't stand him, and finds him "not conservative enough" (code for total arse?), holds some appeal.
Yet I don't align with the majority of his stances- lately he's made statements showing his true colors- no worries about the poor because they have safety nets.

bigsis said...

Mitt. Because his actions are the exact opposite of his words. I think Mitt and Obama are both moderate Republicans and its my understanding that mitts was a fairly decent Gov of Mass, or at least he didn't do much damage that I'm aware of.