Tuesday, January 25, 2005

An Accidental Glimpse

Via The Daily Show, I have accidentally seen some footage of the Bush Coronation.
Apparently his speechwriter got an extra $50 each time he wedged in the word freedom, and $25 for every time he threw in the word liberty.
I cannot believe people actually digest this spiceless pap he serves up as oratory.
That motherfucker has dragged us into a war with no end, destroyed the dollar, dismantled human rights and now he's fucking with Social Security and abortion rights.
I haven't done much political commentary since that black day in November.
I have all but stopped watching and reading the news. I can't stomach the bilious waves of crap coming from the White House, and the mere sight of Bush or his newly liposuctioned wife Blandene makes my head want to explode.
I don't bother arguing with republicans anymore, either. If they knew what they were talking about, they wouldn't support that clown or his crooked minions.
I've been trying to write some topical comedy about the Bush clan, but nothing about this crowd is even vaguely funny anymore.
The best way I can describe the way he makes me feel harkens back to when I was age 11. My mother saw one too many commercials and insisted upon giving me a Toni Home Perm. I emerged looking like a Poodle who had chewed on one too many electrical cords.
Because she wouldn't hear of me having all the kinks sheared off and she was far too frugal to take me to a salon to have a reverse perm, I was simply stuck with the damn thing until it grew out.
But unlike Bush's second term, getting rid of it didn't take four fucking years.

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