Friday, January 07, 2005

Jon Stewart 1 Tucker Carlson 0
Martha Stewart 1 Wickedly Perfect 0

A few months ago, "The Daily Show's" host Jon Stewart appeared on CNN's "Crossfire" and told Tucker Carlson his show sucked. He also called Carlson a dick.
Apparently, the honchos at CNN listened and decided to cancel the annoying debate show. In the process, they fired Carlson.
Regardless of one's political bent, those political argument shows are annoying.
People like Mike Novak, James Carville, Tucker Carlson and Bill O'Reilley mostly get paid just to piss people off.
CNN is taking a giant step away from that kind of programming and I salute them. That crap should be contained at one location, Fox News, so most of us can steer clear of it.

Meanwhile, with Martha Stewart locked up and relegated to making origami paper cranes, CBS has launched a horrible new reality show called "Wickedly Perfect," where the arty n' anal retentive set has paired off in teams to out-stewart each other.
I watched an episode last night with the same tentative, guilty interest as I spy a serious car accident as I drive past the wreckage.
Did anyone see the show? Just horrid. Martha Stewart should get immediate probation just to keep crap like that off TV.

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