Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Answered Prayers

Before I got the diabetes curse, I used to love to drink Jones soda.
The flavor was like I wish soda would have tasted as a kid- very crisp and bright.
And the bottles were totally cool, with fresh photography and clever copy on each label.
Besides the beautiful bright colors the sodas came in, the flavors were amazing: green apple, vanilla cola, chocolate fudge, lemon drop, blue bubblegum, fufu berry, watermelon, MF grape, chocolate fudge, cream soda, berry lemonade, cherry, strawberry lime, crushed melon, orange & cream and root beer.
All full of sugar, and all off limits.
Today I found Jones diet black cherry soda.
I grabbed a carton of four, brought them home, iced them down and waited until I had worked out for a full hour to reward myself with one.
Deelicious. No creepy, fake sugar aftertaste.
I went to their website
and saw they also have sugar free cream soda, root beer and ginger ale. I love all three of those flavors.

Life is good again, as evidenced by the quote I spied inside the bottle cap of my first Jones sugar free cherry soda:
Something truly delightful awaits you.
I glued it to a magnet and stuck it on my fridge.

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