Thursday, January 06, 2005

Off My Chest

First of all, that boxy little clown car the Scion has to be the silliest looking little piece of crap I have ever seen. What's that made of, aluminum foil? And that name- is it pronounced Sky-on or Sigh-on or what? Sorry- I just hate those ugly little things. They just popped up out of nowhere.

Secondly, Bath and Body Works can kiss my ass.
I am very fussy about fragrances, and a few years ago I found a bath soap I could really love.
It's called bergamot and coriander and it smells like everything I like to smell like. It doesn't clash with my cologne or hair products, so I thought I was all settled regarding aromas I use on my body.
It even smells good on visitors to my shower.
Bath & Body Works stopped making it.
They have an 800 number people can call to complain about discontinued products, but they need a lot of calls to revive one.
So, my fellow Bloggers and dear readers, will you please help me?
Call 1-800-518-3616 and ask them to bring back Bergamot and Coriander bath soap. Tell them the shower gel just won't do, say you want the bars of soap back on the shelves.

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