Saturday, July 16, 2005

Fahrenheit 9-11

I watched "Fahrenheit 9-11" on Showtime last night after not having seen it for several months, and was pleased to note that even Michael Moore's more outlandish claims have come to bear.
Nothing has changed with the crooked Bush administration. In fact, things have gotten worse.
I watched it with two friends who hadn't seen it before. They were outraged at the clips of our smug, smirking president showing the world at large what a tool he is.
Watch it again if you can.
It's amazing to see just how criminal these Bush people are, and even more amazing to see how gullible people can be, to allow them to stay out of prison, much less in office.
Bush is owned by the Saudis.
That's why Bin Laden's still free, and why he'll stay free.
Bush has done nothing to protect us from more terrorist attacks. September 11 was the moneymaking opportunity of a lifetime for Bush, Cheney and the rest of those lying opportunists.
The movie connects the dots.
See it again if you can.

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