Sunday, July 31, 2005

Fifteen Crappy Democrats

Here are the names and numbers of 15 Bushwhore Democrats who voted for CAFTA, which will result in further damage the American economy, allow for more international child labor abuses and encourage more American jobs to be outsourced and tax deferred.
Most cell phones give free to nearly free weekend rates, so call these losers today, leave a message and give 'em hell.
We need Bush Democrats about as much as Karl Rove needs the home addresses of all CIA agents.

Melissa Bean, Illinois (8th District): 202-225-3711
Jim Cooper, Tennessee (5th District): 202-225-4311
Norm Dicks, Washington (6th District): 202-225-5916
Henry Cuellar, Texas (28th District): 202-225-1640
Ruben Hinojosa, Texas (15th District): (202) 225-2531
William Jefferson, Louisiana (2nd District): (202) 225-6636
Jim Matheson, Utah (2nd District): (202) 225-3011
Gregory Meeks, New York (6th District): 202-225-3461
Dennis Moore, Kansas (3rd District): (202) 225-2865
Jim Moran, Virginia (8th District): (202) 225-4376
Solomon Ortiz, Texas (27th District): 202-225-7742
Ike Skelton, Missouri (4th District): 202-225-2876
Vic Snyder, Arkansas (2nd District): 202-225-2506
John Tanner, Tennessee (8th District): (202) 225-4714
Edolphus Towns, New York (10th District: (202) 225-5936


Karen Zipdrive said...

I covered Texas and Louisiana.
Said we didn't need any Bush democrats in Congress and we sure as hell didn't need any more outsourcing of American jobs.

JimBob said...

Where's Ross Perot when you need him?

"You hear that sucking sound...?"

Karen Zipdrive said...

Ross was right about the sucking sound- but he didn't realize the sound came from two sources- jobs going out of America AND Bush giving hummers to the Saudi royal family.