Sunday, July 10, 2005

Who Thought of This?

IHOP is running a bizarre ad, where everyone is walking around on stilts and a woman cries, "I'm so high!"
Then one of the carnival geeks asks where everyone is going and someone says, "It's the funnel cake carnival at IHOP!"
Then the camera pans over a big pile of funnel cake with a fruity glop on top.
Who thought to use carnival geeks to sell food?
I mean, I get the funnel cake and carnival connection, but why would anyone want to eat funnel cake with fruity glop at IHOP in lieu of just a normal breakfast?
I think the most telling part of the ad was the woman saying she was 'so high.'
She must have also been the copywriter for the ad, because a person would have to be high on some killer weed to crave a trip to IHOP'S gloppy funnel cake carnival.
Friends, please don't go to the IHOP funnel cake carnival. Funnel cake is not really a food sane people should consider as a suitable meal.
If they don't sell any, they'll stop offering it on the menu and pull the ads.
And it better be soon.
I'm starting to develop an adverse glucose reaction just picturing myself at an IHOP full of carnies eating fried dough, dipped in sugar, then doused with a sticky sweet pile of goo.

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