Tuesday, July 12, 2005

You Can't Have It Both Ways, You Pudgy Pinnochio Faggot

White House Press Pimp Scotty "I Blew Jeff Gannon" McClellan has reached a new low in ham-handed spin doctoring.
Yesterday, when the media was demanding to know what the White House reaction was to Bush's brain Karl Rove turning out to be a treasonous rat, McClellan said the White House didn't want to comment while the investigation was still ongoing.
Reporters reminded him that he'd commented plenty in the past--that Karl Rove was not the leaker, and such an integrity filled human being, he'd never do such a thing, ad nauseam.
After his 30th refusal yesterday to comment on the Rove scandal, a reporter said something to the effect that, two years ago, Bush said he'd fire anyone on his staff who leaked the CIA agent's identity, and the public has a right to know what Bush intends to do.

Scotty, looking red faced, bloodshot eyed and decidedly porkier than usual, haughtily replied, "There will be a time to answer that question, but this is not the time."

Who the fuck says it's not the time?
Who does this punk faggot piglet think he is, lecturing the media like they're naughty school children?
Claiming a quasi gag order is in effect is bullshit--Mc Clellan has spoken plenty on the case before Rove turned out to be the traitor. Now we are supposed to accept that he can't talk about it?

These clowns have gotten away with manipulating the media for nearly six years.
We didn't raise hell when Bush campaigned to carefully screened fans who signed oaths of allegiance and bought tickets just to see him in person and listen to his ridiculous stump speeches.
We didn't raise hell when a born-in-America UP photographer of Indian descent was denied access to photograph the idiot on the campaign trail.
We didn't raise hell when Bush set the record for holding the fewest press conferences in modern history.
We didn't raise hell when the GOP planted a phony faggot hooker representing a fraudulent GOP news organization in those scarce press conferences to waste precious time lobbing Bush softball questions.

But damn it, enough is enough.
It's not a privilege to ask what the president's reaction is to having a traitor on his staff, he fucking owes us an explanation.

He's been totally unaccountable in virtually every aspect of his presidency.
The arrogant little dictator needs to be dethroned and sent back to his shithole dirt farm in Crawford.
And he can take Turd Blossom with him, if he manages to keep his fat traitor ass out of prison.

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