Saturday, September 25, 2010

Home From Paris

Wow, what a town.
I shot this picture from the window of a Patisserie as we were strolling by.
It's as good as any to illustrate just a sliver of Parisian life.
Paris and its suburbs must have 3 million people living shoulder to shoulder; people of all nationalities and costumes, but the image of the tall, leggy, wild maned Parisiene femme is real.
If the rest of the world's largest cities have maybe 4 percent gorgeous women who make your jaw drop, Paris has around 28 percent.
Many of he men are just as pretty--especially the gay ones. In Le Marais where we stayed, it was impossible to swing a messenger bag without hitting at least three of them.
This entry will be the first of many about Paris--the good, the bad and the...well, you'll see.


Matty Boy said...

I was only in Paris for a week and that was 25 years ago. After spending a couple of days stunned by the number of attractive women of all ages, I sat in a cafe in quiet contemplation and realized they weren't all gorgeous, but a lot of them were impeccably dressed, giving the illusion of complete gorgeousness.

There's no place like it I have ever visited.

p.s. Welcome back.

nonnie9999 said...

welcome back, zeepy!! we missed you! i can't wait to hear all your stories. i hope you took lots of pix.