Friday, September 03, 2010

Where L.A. Justice is Swift and Effective

Uh oh. Paris Hilton was recently busted in Las Vegas with about a gram of cocaine in her Chanel bag.
Apparently, convicted criminals who are not subjected to punishment in Los Angeles have to travel to Vegas to get what's comin' to them.
Murderer O.J. Simpson got off Scot-free in L.A. for killing his ex-wife and her friend Ron Goldman, but he's now in a Vegas prison doing hard time for an armed robbery.
My hunch is, Paris Hilton also will end up serving some time in Vegas once she's tried and (likely) convicted for cocaine possession.
I'll bet rapper TI is relieved he was caught with drugs in L.A. rather than Vegas. He's on federal probation for weapons trafficking, so his drug bust does not look good, but being busted in LA probably will result in just another tiny slap on the wrist.
I'm not exactly a strict law and order conservative, but even I get sick of these celebutantes like Hilton getting busted all the time without any repercussions.
As I've said before, the kids of today have no idea how to do drugs without getting caught.
For example, if you're on probation and smoking weed in a moving vehicle with the windows down, it's probably best not to be holding cocaine in your purse.
I think perhaps it's time to put Paris Hilton in prison for 5 or 10 years.
Until these Hollywood chippies learn to be discreet with their dope habits, something has to happen to teach them what not to do.
It's just a shame that L.A. is too chickenshit to enforce their own laws.


okjimm said...

// the kids of today have no idea how to do drugs without getting caught. //

Sheeeshhhh...I thought they still taught that in college! So much for higher education!

bigsis said...

I think there are too many people serving time in the pen for victimless drug related crimes. As long as someone isn't selling drugs or otherwise hurting anyone by their stupid drug abuse, what's the big deal? Tobacco and alcohol damages lungs and livers but that's okay because those substances are legal. So legalize drugs, collect taxes on the sales and let idiots like Paris Hilton find some other way to get attention.

Lulu Maude said...

It's the stuff of another godwaful reality TV show.

nonnie9999 said...

she'll probably get probation if she goes to a fancy rehab place.

Jerry Melton said...

Well one things for sure, this isn't the first time she has had white stuff up her nose.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Okay Sis, I have to agree that many (now) illegal drugs should be decriminalized, but coke also includes crack and speed also includes ICE, both of which are highly dangerous & toxic.
I'm not sure decriminalizing them will result in lowered drug related crimes. I think crack and ice heads will still be crooks because they need so much of those drug to chase that first high.

Jerry Melton said...

On the serious side, WHITE POWDER is the curse of mankind. Back in the 80s the meth craze decimated my social crowd. And most of them knew better and got all strung out and wierd and paranoid. My opinion of pills is about the same.