Sunday, September 26, 2010

Uh oh.

Looks to me like gay bashing Florida Bishop Eddie Long, the preacher on the down-low who's being sued by a handful of hunky young black male parishioners for using them for sexual favors in exchange for religious whatever, might need to consult the oldest law on record.
Yeah, this looks like a case for the Code of Hammurabi, on which the bishop should lay on of hands and try to find a vein of information that will
help him explain why he liked to single out the hotties and groom them for greatness.
He looks like he could use a firm, hard explanation for his actions.


nonnie9999 said...

gee, i wonder if "jimmy" from saxby chambliss's office is going to put a hit out on ol' eddie now.

zippy, in case you missed that little nugget of delightful news while you were off being a world traveler, here's the scoop. someone from saxby chambliss's senate office left a message on a blog that deals with gay issues. the discussion was about dadt, and "jimmy" wrote: "all faggots must die." nice, huh? of course, that fuck saxby said he'd fire the person who wrote that. then, he turned the investigation over to the senate sergeant-at-arms. i guess it didn't occur to him to call in anyone in his office who might be named james or jim or jimmy or just ask if anyone knew who sent it. i guess he couldn't pick a random lowly intern to blame and say that boys will be boys, so it was probably someone higher up on the food chain and closer to ol' saxby. i bet he knows exactly who sent it, and he's stalling for time.

Lulu Maude said...

The more they self righteously yak about it, the likelier they are to have a few little secrets of their own.

Otherwise it just doesn't matter so much.