Thursday, June 09, 2005

Africa: Bush vs. Anna

That stupid George W. Bush just doesn't get it.
When Brad Pitt is doing more than the POTUS to help in Africa, something is wrong.
When my best friend Anna has done more for Ethiopia in the past four years than the POTUS has done in his entire life, something is wrong.
Using her own money and time, Anna has set up two computer labs with Internet access for the medical school in Addis Ababa.
She has laid the groundwork for social work programs so that homeless people with loved ones in the hospital can get information about them (doctors won't talk to them).
She has funded AIDS awareness programs and single-handedly set up the nation's first Alcoholics Anonymous program.
She networked and brought together a team of American and European physicians to Addis Ababa to perform the nation's first open heart surgeries, showing Ethiopian doctors how it's done and enabling them to start performing them themselves.
Now she's setting up a charitable, non profit agency called Linking Lives so she can start to make an even bigger impact in Ethiopia and more of Africa.
If one person can do that, imagine what Bush could do with the billions of dollars and thousands of people he has at his disposal to send to nations with needs as dire as Africa's.
But no.
This so-called Christian is not a charitable person.
He's a warmongering fraud, without an altruistic bone in his body.
Like most faux Christians, he talks it but he doesn't walk it.
My best friend has spent tens of thousands of her own money, and month upon month of her own time to help total strangers half a world away.
With people like this living less than a mile away from me, it's no wonder I resent Bush so much.
Bush has proven to be an abysmal person, much less a lackluster president.
Even his lapdog Tony Blair is starting to realize what a dick he is.
Better late than never.

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