Thursday, June 30, 2005

More Haiku

Bush's Iraq Speech
Said before silent soldiers
Too pissed to applaud

We don't want Bolton
To Bush, our no means his yes
And his yes trumps ours

Bush thinks 9/11
Equals Iraq and Saddam
It's Saudi, stupid

Napalm in Iraq?
Bush says no, we don't use it
Fucking fuck liar

Mission accomplished?
What mission was that, Dubya?
2K soldiers dead?

New FBI Group?
A new head of a subhead
Whew! I feel safe now

Jail reporters NOW
Except for old Mike Novak-
Fuck Valerie Plame

Spain lets gays marry
Canada's about to, too
Backward Bush Bastards

Send Bush twins to war
If one gets killed, no problem
There's still a spare, see?

Condolence letters
Signed by Rummy's AutoPen
He can't be bothered

I'm intolerant
Of intolerant assholes
I've had it with Bush

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jon said...

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