Friday, June 24, 2005


I have never been that fond of Tom Cruise but I have to say, his latest shenanigans about Katie Holmes have creeped me out even more than usual.
Instead of recruiting a "virginal" younger woman to enhance his fan base, then seducing her into Scientology, why doesn't he just come out as a gay man, stop marrying beards and give his money to something more useful than a cult of greedy gobbledygook speakers?
Little bitty men like him need to accept that size doesn't matter, what matters is the size of their hearts. He shouldn't need to avoid accepting middle age by marrying someone young enough to be his daughter. He must be so insecure.
When I see actors like Brad Pitt going to Ethiopia to try to make a difference, then contrast it with little Tom proposing to Lolita at the Eiffel Tower--an incredible cliché-- I just want him to keep his private life private, stop living for publicity and develop a little self-respect.
I would likely have bought tickets to see War of the Worlds and the new Batman movie without the publicity stunts. Now I have to boycott them, just out of principle.
I wasn't wild about Penelope Cruz either, but at least she had the sense to ditch Little Tom and grab up Matthew McConaughey.
Ever wonder why all of Little Tom's chicks end up ditching him?
What about you? Do you think this new TomKat thing is legit?

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