Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Political Haiku

Downing Street Memos
Proved Bush is a lying thug
Where is the outrage?

Scotty McClellan's
Mama's running for TX Gov
Psst your son is gay

Bill Frist's a doctor?
Video diagnostics?
What a total crock.

Good-bye PBS
Bush says, "Up your ass, librals"
God, I loathe that jerk!

The CIA chief
He knows where Bin Laden hides?
Go get him then, twit.

Cheney: insurgents
"their back is almost broken"
Cheney, you're insane.

Thirty-five dollars
What it costs to fill gas tank
Thanks, GOP crooks.

Texas Senators
Won't apologize: lynchings
Someone lynch their ass.

Exit strategy?
Why expect a strategy
From this band of kooks?

Napalm in Iraq?
Oh well, just another thing
Bush can lie about.

Hey, it's NEW-klee-ahr
You stupid idiot, Bush
Not NEW-kew-ler, fool.

A message to Bush
Please go on long vacation
Say, for next three years...

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