Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Shaq Fu, Fatboy!

Yay! The Miami Heat fell to the Motown Pistons last night, eliminating the unpleasant chore of us having to watch that paint hogging, fat bastard Shaquille O'Neil get all the calls in a final series between the Heat and the Western Conference Champions, the San Antonio Spurs.
If you like men's pro basketball even a little, you'll love this year's finals.
The Spurs are the deepest they've ever been, and they play good, fundamental basketball, without a bunch of hot-dogging egotists trying to out-Kobe each other.
Though I like the Piston's Rasheed Wallace, a lovable hothead who used to play for Portland and attract the league's most negative attention from the refs, Motown will lose their title to the Spurs this year.
Go ahead and bet on the Spurs- it's a foregone conclusion.
And remember the name Manu Ginobili--he's out of his mind out on the court.

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