Monday, June 20, 2005

All for Only 25¢

Yesterday I took my girlfriend to the deep southside of town, to a flea market that's so much like a Mexican Mercado, you feel you've taken the wrong turn and crossed the border.
At a stall where they sold livestock supplies, they had a large jar filled with water, with a shot glass centered at the bottom.
A crudely lettered sign said, "get a quarter in the shot glass, win a chicken."
Next to the jar was a glass case filled with baby chicks.
As tempting as it was, we passed.
The idea of transporting a live chick in 95º weather on my leather upholstery to a house staffed with two frisky male cats just didn't seem like a good one.
But if any of you want a shot at winning a chicken for a quarter, let me know.

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