Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I'm exactly zero percent Irish, but I do plan to have corned beef and cabbage with some friends tonight. I just hope the party breaks up before the cabbage breaks down.
Alas, no Irish whisky or Bailey's Irish cream for me tonight. With diabetes, I dare not risk the side effects of a belly full of either.
Speaking of saints and guys named Patrick, I just read a news article that soon-to-be Rove prosecutor, St. Patrick Fitzgerald, was instrumental in handing down indictments for more than 25 online pedophiles.
In the photo that accompanied the story, Fitzgerald announced the indictments as Bush's dumpy attorney general, Tio Tomas Gonzales, stood behind him and stared a hole through his back.
Methinks the Justice Department handed St. Patrick the kiddie porn cases as a means to deter him from concentrating on his ongoing quest to bring down the Plame leakers.
I hate pedophiles, and would personally be glad to Cheney them all in the face with shotguns, but prosecuting those who would out a CIA agent and compromise all who worked with her is a treasonous crime that risks national security during wartime.
Pedophiles are like sacks of flour. They'll keep.
St. Patrick's more urgent task at hand should be prosecuting the scoundrels in the White House who knowingly and intentionally outed Valerie Plame in a personal vendetta against her husband.
Kiddy-diddling is horrendous, but treason is a national outrage that should be prosecuted with sure and swift diligence.


dusty said...

St. Patrick can find another atty in his office to do the court work..he needs to concentrate on the PlameGate debacle now..we can't wait till 2007 for scooters lying ass to go to trial.

Have a good evening woman..I ain't drinking liver thanks me.

BigSis said...

So are you saying Fitz has been removed entirely from the PlameGate thing? huh?

Lulu Maude said...

Diluted maybe, but not evaporated...

Anyway, the pedophiles may keep, but the children won't. I've worked with too many of them.

Karen Zipdrive said...

No, Fitzgerald is still on the Plame case as far as I know.
The Justice Department has hundreds of prosecutors who should be assigned to nabbing pedophiles. Fitzgerald should be allowed to focus on the Plame investigation without being handed anything major besides it.