Monday, March 13, 2006

Last Night's HBO Premiers

The Sopranos:
I can't believe Uncle Junior shot Tony in the belly. WTF?

Big Love:
I'd hate living in a situation like that.
I can't seem to handle one full-time girlfriend, much less three wives, three houses and seven kids.


BigSis said...

Haven't seen it yet, but dvr'd it so we'll catch it tonight. I was exhausted after just seeing the previews. Seems to me that if a steady flow of sex is what men really want, it would be cheaper to just hire a hooker every night. Or is the (perceived) adoration a big deal with these "studs?"

If I became a concubine in such an arrangement first rule would be "no viagra or cealis or any other penis enhancers allowed in the house." If you can't do it naturally then you better hand over a no-limit AmEx Platinum card in my name, no questions asked, ever.

Nevermind, there isn't really enough money to make it worthwhile.

dusty said...

I watched it at midnight..praise dvr's!

The whole alzheimers theme w/junior was a great setup for Tony getting capped.

The dude hanging himself was a wtf moment for me as well. He couldn't please the ol lady and he didn't want to totally give Tony up.

Great opening.

I didn't dvr the big it a comedy?

Karen Zipdrive said...

Big Love was interesting in a creepy, voyeuristic sort of way.
They sure as hell didn't glamorize it for the male lead.
Even Viagra can't make nightly, obligatory sex tempting.

Mileah said...

I found Big LOve to be interesting to and am looking forward to seeing next weeks episode.

Holy shit, indeed, about Tony!