Saturday, March 10, 2007

A Modest Proposal

Everyone knows Fox News has an unabashed right-wing bias.
Recently, Fox's corpulent President Roger Ailes made a stupid joke about Barack Obama being hard to find and likened his elusiveness to that of Osama bin Laden's. Hardy, har, har.
As a result, candidates Obama and John Edwards pulled out of a Nevada debate co-sponsored by Fox News. Good for them.
Of course Fox News pretended to be shocked and blamed the whole thing on, alleging they claimed to "own the Democratic party" and that Democratic candidates obey when they direct them not to speak to right-wing news media.
I think all candidates who object to broadcasting outlets with an obvious bias should simply boycott those outlets.
I don't mean boycott them for now, I mean boycott them forever. Don't offer any explanations, don't apologize, just walk away and don't go back.
It doesn't matter what Fox News will say about candidates who refuse to deal with them-- Fox News will say shitty things about them anyway.
Bullies are all the same. Take their ball away and they'll pout and whine, but eventually without a ball they will go away and try to find new victims.
I say let Fox take out it's childish, petty editorial stance on campaigning Republicans. Tear all of them apart- and start with their proclivity for pedophilia, infidelity and religious hypocrisy.
Let their idiot viewing audiences chew on that for a while.


Lulu Maude said...

I saw a great cartoon recently... a couple are watching a TV with screaming headline: "AL GORE SEEN WITH SHORT, NAKED MAN!" He's holding his Oscar. Man says to wife, "Fox news."

Chari said...

FOX news is ridiculous; even folks here who have "converted" from supporting Bush to hating him are still watching FOX news and getting their info there. It's so skewed, I can't stand to be in the same room with a TV tuned to that channel. It's also so blatant. Aren't there Federal laws with regard to news being objective and offering both sides to a story? [albeit, real stories and not made-up ones]

Karen Zipdrive said...

If there ever were federal laws against biased news reporting (which there weren't) you can rest assured Bush's "attorney general" would see to it only fair and balanced news outlets suffered the consequences.
Fox has had a get outta jail card for at least six years now.
Before then, they just sucked in general.