Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Trouble With Tolerance

I work with two people whose politics are somewhere to the right of the average Ayatollah.
One is a lovable, big fat bald guy in his early 60's who likes to call anyone who disagrees with him a communist. He thinks global warming is a hoax. He thinks the Bush administration is right in their kick ass and take names brand of governance. He thinks Al Gore and John Edwards are both gay.
The other is a late 30-something woman who thinks the Bible is wholly endorsing everything the Bush administration stands for. She likes Newt Gingrich and wants him to run. His three marriages and admitted adultery are of no significance to her, in fact she lauds his "honesty."
She actually said she didn't think of woman could be president because "women are too emotional."
They both think homosexuality is an affront to Jesus and inherently evil.
They think every scandal Bush is mired in is a left-wing plot and entirely without merit.
They want us to stay in Iraq until victory is achieved, but neither can define what victory might entail.
Naturally, they love to vomit their views on me to get a reaction.
It worked at first, but now I just look at them with a bemused expression and shrug it off. Ignorance can be remedied- stupidity cannot.
Even Don Quixote would consider these clowns a lost cause.
I think being tolerant of other people's stupidity is a positive character trait, so I try to remind myself of that.
But I don't think it's fair that these people are so intolerant to the extreme and have no apparent moral qualms about it.
I kind of wish Jesus would reappear and tell these people what assholes they are. I wish he'd make them feel petty and small for their dim world view. I wish he'd smite them for being faux Christians.
But then I'm as intolerant as they are for wishing that.
So I have to take a more secular approach and just say fuck 'em.


lazydog said...

"Ignorance can be remedied, stupidity cannot."

Ha, too true! It'd drive me nuts to have to continuously take the high road and not kick these people. But then, I guess that wouldn't be very tolerant of me either.

Karen Zipdrive said...

I like an occasional detour on the low road.