Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The System Works! (Kinda)

Scooter Libby, Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff, was found guilty of being a conniving liar.
Since the Justice System is on a roll, I hope Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame's planned lawsuit against Libby, Cheney and Rove is held in a Washington DC courtroom with a jury of Washington DC residents.
Those neo-con bastards have no human emotions but they do have a lot of money, so I hope their deceit and complicity costs them dearly.
Go get 'em.


Lulu Maude said...

What I like best is the outrage of the jurors who wonder why they were pissing their time away on penny ante stuff while Rove and Cheney still hopped around.

No wonder the Dickster ended up not testifying. The jury obviously has a good nose for poo poo.

Karen Zipdrive said...

Still the news is alive with reports and polls that say Dick has been tainted by employing a dirty liar.
Like THAT's his most serious infraction...