Monday, September 10, 2007

General Betrayus, What Say You?

Can you imagine dedicating your life to rising through the ranks of military service, only to have your career fizzle out because you got stuck being the military spokesman for a dullard, drug addled, alcoholic draft dodger who pops a woodie by sending troops in to be slaughtered in another nation's civil war?

Last night I watched James Gandolfini's HBO movie called "Alive Day Memories: Home from Iraq" where he interviewed 10 seriously wounded Iraq war veterans. I somehow doubt Bush TIVO'd it--he's not about facing the consequences of his actions. I cried watching the soldiers talk about their injuries. It's nothing short of a disaster to think of their lives of suffering and millions of hours of medical treatment and rehab to return to a modicum of normalcy. And for what?

I wish they'd stop calling the act of bring home the troops "redeployment." Anything with the word "deployment" in it has horrible connotations.

Today, General Betrayus will report on his assessment of the surge. Actually, what he'll really do is read the report prepared for him by the Bush spin factory- full of more lies, distortions and bullshit.

Any politician who speaks even slightly in favor of prolonging this absurd war should be forced to live in Baghdad for a month without assistance from security guards or military escorts. Yep, rent a little apartment without electricity or water, go shopping for groceries, sweep the sidewalk, hang out with the neighbors.
Then tell us how the surge "needs more time to work."


Lulu Maude said...

Deployment. Sounds like a plumbing term.

This guy doesn't stand a chance. That's why he's been coming to DC to enjoy the administration's famous rolfings.

It doesn't matter what he was going to say (which probably wasn't going to be that radical, anyway)... the admin reserved the 'right' to 'edit' his report.

So strategically placed in juxtaposition to 9/11.


karenzipdrive said...

I heard on NPR excerpts of General Betrayus's craptastic remarks.
He's more of a double talker than a Texas used car salesman.

dguzman said...

Man, your plan (last paragraph) sounds like a winner to me!

Distributorcap said...

did patraeus do the best Charlie McCarthy to Bush's Edgar Bergen one has even seen?

bigsis said...

What an obvious set up. Bush knows the troops have to come home, or else, so he gets this stooge to say the Iraqis are doing better at protecting themselves. Brilliant, I didn't see that one coming.

karenzipdrive said...

I heard Bush on NPR today saying that "to leave now would be admitting defeat."
What parallel universe is this geek living in? I think he truly does have some serious organic brain damage.
He's like a pit bull who was raised wrong. But then look at the bitch who whelped him.