Saturday, September 08, 2007

Oh God, Not Fred.

Swell, the GOP has a new old fart to worship. Fred Thompson.
Like Reagan, he's an actor. He plays roles like a N.Y. District Attorney who's plainspoken, gruff, tough on crime and soft on the American flag, apple pie and Christian values.
Unlike Reagan, he's a registered lobbyist.
He lobbied for an insurance company trying to reduce its asbestos liability. He lobbied for a savings and loan deregulation bill that helped screw the taxpayers out of $150 billion in bail-out money. He lobbied for a nuclear reactor project that was canceled before it was built--after the taxpayers sunk $1.7 billion into it.
Jack Abramoff has nothing on this scumbag.
On the Senate campaign trail, he used to have his limo take him to where he had his prop red pickup garaged, got in it, drove to appearances and drove it back to the garage and got back into his limo.
He's a fucking phony is what he is.
I was aghast to learn he's only 11 years older than me. I thought he was in his mid 70's. My hunch is he's a boozer--he's got the bloodshot eyes and the rosecea for it.
Those gullible, gutless ignorant Republicans have been praying for another Hollywood-honed facade of a man to worship, and here comes old Fred, straight from Central Casting.
Oh, and Fred's straight, too.
His trophy wife is 40. He's 65. They have two kids, a 4-year-old and an 11-month old. His oldest son is 47.
His daughter died in 2002 in her mid-40's of a drug overdose.
With the Republican rank and file's penchant for macho style without substance, Fred's the best thing since George W. bought his ranchette and started clearing brush.
I worry that Fred will fool the imbecilic GOP lemmings just like Bush and Rove did. In fact, I predict that Karl Rove left Bush so he could join the Thompson campaign and help him bullshit his way into the Oval Office.
If America elects yet another phony, right-wing, money grubbing, war mongering, lobbyist motherfucker like this jowly old piece of shit, I give up.
I'm moving to Australia and shacking up with Jane.


Karen Zipdrive said...

Asked whether the U.S. should have focused on getting bin Laden instead of going to war in Iraq, Thompson said: "It's not an either or situation. Saddam Hussein was on the cusp of having defeated the United Nations and the free world and the United States. He had certainly had weapons of mass destruction and the capability of reviving his nuclear program."

Can you believe this doddering old idiot is still insisting Saddam had WMD?
Has he been cryogenically frozen for the last four years?
He's like Bush and Dick rolled into one saggy old bag of bones.

Jane said...

We've let our last Texan in. Sorry, Karen, the fence is up!

Karen Zipdrive said...

Now you're teasing me.

Julien Sharp said...

I'm moving to Australia and shacking up with Jane.

My beloved of 4 years is Canadian. As the years pass, it becomes more and more likely we will be moving to Canada. I cannot marry her to keep her here, and her visa will cost $20K minimum.

So fuck this country - it is losing a triple board certified surgeon who was educated at Columbia, NYU, and Johns Hopkins (her) and a masters-educated writer and performing artist (me).

Not that we are the best, but the US sure seems to put its hatred of our SAME-SEX relationship over the achievements we have both spent over 20 years working to obtain.

Anonymous said...

If Thompson becomes President, it will definitely be the end of the U.S. By then I hope Canada still accepts the wretched refuse of the U.S.'s teeming shore. If not, then I guess we'll all meet up at Jane's front door.

karenzipdrive said...

Sometimes I wish I could chuck it all and move to Canada. Alas, the women of Quebec and Ontario won't let me in. Maybe British Columbia?

Lulu Maude said...

Oh, Fred. Don't let the abysmal state of the Republican field of candidates seduce you into thinking that you have any more to offer.

It's just easier to get you on Leno... once.

It's so early to be sick of election '08 that it's scary. But I am.

Julien Sharp said...

Lol KZ ... Vancouver is one of the coolest cities in the world!

Jane said...

We're in the middle of major water restrictions. You can only come here if you wish to live an ecologically sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle and adhere to the 100 mile diet.

KarenZipdrive said...

What is a 100 mile diet? The food has to be grown, farm or raised from within 100 miles?
And what do you mean by self-sufficient?
I leave a tiny carbon footprint, if you leave out driving fast, air conditioning and a dazzling array of hair products.
Anyway, it's good to see you're weakening your prior stance, where the gates were closed and locked.
(sticking my eco-friendly shoe in the door...)

Distributorcap said...

Tom Delay said the repbulican candidates are leaders..

if you like lazy, mean, simian, lunatic, flip-flopping, grade z actors

they sure are

thompson is a complete and total douchebag -- if Kate O'Beirne likes him, then he has to be a really big piece of doody

karenzipdrive said...

Tom DeLay lost his right to publicly opine a long time ago.
Who gives a fuck what that slimy criminal thinks? Hell, he thinks of HIMSELF as a leader. That tells you all you need to know.

dguzman said...

Zippy, OF COURSE the repub rank and file will fall for this guy's schtick -- that's all they know! I mean, look at the morons they've backed over the last forty years. Name ONE R-guy in there who had even a modicum of decency and ethics!

My partner and I will be joining you and Julien and Jane wherever the hell is NOT the USA if any of these dirtbags win.