Monday, September 17, 2007

O.h J.esus, Simpson!

Double murderer O.J. Simpson is back in the slammer in Las Vegas for his role in a September 13 armed robbery at the decidedly seedy Palace Station Hotel, where (he alleges) he was there trying to get back his personal property (sports memorabilia) from the guys who were planning to sell it at a sports memorabilia auction.
Fortunately, an audio tape was made during the crime and you can hear O.J. cussing, screaming and menacing people like the madman he is. Whether he held the gun or not, he was an active, vocal part of an armed robbery and will be charged on at least six major felony counts and one major misdemeanor count. It seems the law in Vegas hates armed robbery and they take the prosecution of it very seriously.
The murderer was jailed in Las Vegas without bond because he was considered a flight risk without any ties to Las Vegas. The law ain't messing around with this creep.

So, here comes the fun part.

When and if bail is granted, Nevada is a no-property state, meaning one cannot put up his or her property as an asset in lieu of cash. The murderer moved to Florida to avoid having to sell his home to satisfy part of the multi-million dollar judgment against him in favor of Fred Goldman. Florida doesn't allow it, but California does, so the sniveling coward fled to Florida.
So...if Simpson cannot put up his house for bail, that means he'll have to put up cash.
BUT, if he has enough cash for bail, then he has money to which the Goldmans are entitled before it's paid to anyone else, for any purpose.
And Fred's lawyers are ready to pounce, as well they should be.
Also, if the sports memorabilia in question has monetary value sufficient enough to stage an armed robbery, then that too becomes an asset Goldman has the legal right to seize.
So, unless Simpson has a friend who'll loan him the cash for bail (alas, he probably does) he's fucked.

Another fun part is to imagine the jury pool in Las Vegas.
Recent statistics indicate that only 8 percent of Las Vegas residents are African American. That means there will be no stacked jury of biased nitwits who'll consider O.J.'s race as justification for jury nullification.

In short, it appears some modicum of justice might be served after all these years. Simpson faces a possible 30+ year prison sentence--and at age 60 that means he could end up dying in prison.
Somehow I think the Goldman family would prefer that to getting the money they were awarded in the wrongful death civil suit.


Distributorcap said...

and with Johnnie Cochran "unavailable" ....

i think Fred and Kim Goldman want the money AND in jail

karenzipdrive said...

With the murderer's confession book #1 on the charts, the Goldmans will be making a lot of money.
To put him in jail would help the public at large.

dguzman said...

Man, to see him FINALLY go down for something will be sweet indeed.

Nice analysis of his legal weaseling, too--what an asshat. He deserves what he gets. Can there be any doubt that the guy is a complete wacko?

karenzipdrive said...

Woo! They added kidnapping to the charges. If this guy gets free of this, there is no justice in America and he may as well go on another killing spree.

Jane said...

All very reminiscent of Al Capone. Ya gotta lova Karma.

karenzipdrive said...

It's hard to keep a good sociopath down.

Karen Zipdrive said...

If bail is set at $125,000, how do these criminal mofos get by with posting only 10 percent?
And if the murderer OJ had the $12,500 to post, why didn't he give it to the Goldman family?
Fuckin' bastard.