Friday, February 27, 2009

My Dinner With Niblet's Mama

Last night I had the chance to meet up with my delightful fellow Blogger D-Guz from (Impeachment) and Other Dreams. See link to the right, I forgot how to hyperlink.
I picked her up at her parents house, just north of Bumfuck Texas, and got to meet her adorably sweet Mama.
Poor D-Guz had never laid eyes on me before, and there I was speaking broken Spanish to her Mom and inviting her along with us. She declined, but I think she liked that I asked.
So off we went.
I didn't want to scare her, so I drove my car Tina Turner nice and slow, sans radar detector. We got kinda lost and ended up driving an extra 20 miles trying to find civilization, and this was with navigation.
We finally got to our destination, a funky chic restaurant in the gay part of town called La Fonda on Main.
There on the patio in picture perfect weather, we quaffed margaritas and semi-decent Tex Mex, while the conversation soared. Seriously, there wasn't one awkward moment of silence.
D-Guz is smart and funny and kind, just like you'd expect from reading her Blog.
She has a perfect, bright white smile, like you see in the "after" side of those "before and after" dental ads.
She said she thought I'd be a lot different in person...she didn't elaborate, but I think she meant a lot more profane, crustier and crankier. I vowed to start Blogging a little softer after hearing that.
We share a very similar sense of humor, so it was great to comment on nearby diners, rake our fellow Bloggers over the coals (in a nice way) and of course talk politics.
Once we pushed away our half-eaten plates and drained our second margaritas, off we went to the Candlelight Coffee House and Wine Bar, where again we sat outside near the koi pond on their gorgeous, tree lined patio.
We ran into my old friend Chris, whom D-Guz charmed so much I thought he'd never leave.
Fueled by margaritas and caffeine, we swapped hilarious ex girlfriend/lover/partner stories and forged a wonderful kinship in the process. I felt like I'd known her for 20 years--that's how easy to know she turned out to be.
We thought about telling FranIAm and Lisa that we'd really connected and spent a torrid night together, but I think we're both too lazy to make up details like that.
Toward the end of the evening, D-Guz produced her cell phone camera and suggested a picture, but I nixed it. I prefer being a woman of mystery online. :)
Anyway, I feel so fortunate we hooked up. She's a truly amazing woman with a keen sense of humor packaged in a soft little bundle.
But most of all, the chick is smart. Her intellect crackles with electricity and her vocabulary is sensational. And she has the voice of the softest little femme kitten, which belies her physical sturdiness.
I wish she lived in San Antonio.
The chick is totally cool. When she moves to Sonoma, I am totally there.


Karen Zipdrive said...

A note about Niblets, the world's most indulged bunny.
Turns out his mama nibbled most of his ears off when he was a baby. Who knew mama bunnies could be such bitches?
Also, he loves carrots but D-guz doesn't give him too many because they are so sugary.
He likes greens but he doesn't like anything red, like lettuce with reddish tips.
He also enjoys an occasional nip of clothing, towels and bed linens.
And on cold weather, he hops into bed with D-Guz and snuggles against her legs.
He has a very strong personality for a bunny, and I suspect he thinks he's a dog.
So, let's all give Niblets a shout out. He sounds like one helluva rabbit.

Matty Boy said...

I'm so happy two of my favorite bloggers got to hook up, though not in that way. I look forward to meeting Ms. d.g. when she moves out to Northern California later this year. I know she's vegetarian, as is her adorable bun-bun, but that doesn't present much of a problem at the kinds of restaurants we have in the Bay Area.

Randal Graves said...

So you're going to swear less? This is what happens when you hang out with fucking Cowboys fans! ;-)

karenzipdrive said...

Randal, we did not talk football at all. I could give a shit about football, much less the Cowboys.
Matty Boy, these days most every restaurant menu has plenty of vegetarian options.
D-Guz and I split some great bean and cheese nachos and she had spinach and white cheese enchiladas, which looked okay but were definitely an affront to any Tex Mex afficionado.

Lulu Maude said...

Sounds like a delightful time. There are so many fellow bloggers that I think would be fun to meet.

And of course, I hope to see you again, some day, dear Zippie.

It's been over 20 years!

bigsis said...

Zip sounds like you and D-Guz had a great time. Mmmm, out laughing and talking with an interesting woman on a balmy San Antonio night - right up your alley. Hell that's right up almost anyone's alley.

Dusty said...

Sonoma is just up the road a piece from me...I can't wait for her to move here either!!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I am totaly jealous. I invited the hussy D-Guz down here to Monkey Central for a weekend before she moves but she hasn't taken me up on the invite yet. And you can be sure if she does, there'll be plenty of photos, Miss Enigma. :0)

Lisa said...

Crap! My earlier comment didn't show up. I wish I could remember what I'd said, but the gist was that you could have told me anything and I would have believed you. And being the demure flower that I am, I would have never asked for details.

Oh, well. I guess I'll have to settle for sighing envy because I would love to meet both of you!

P.S. My butt's a little hot from being raked over the coals.

dguzman said...

Aw, Karen--you're the coolest. We really did have a great time, though I should've had a third margarita--they were soooo good.

Can't wait to meet more of my bloggy pals out west, and if you're ever in Texas, y'all, don't miss a chance to hang with the Zipdrive. She rawks.

FranIAm said...

I've been staying away since I was afraid of what I would read here... *snort*

You two cute girls together, the very thought of it makes me woozy.

That and margaritas! Glad you had fun. I am sorry that I suck as a blogfriend lately!